42 thoughts on “HOW TO: massage a boy

  1. Why don’t they show videos of boys his age range with those he likes? I think that is why a lot of marriages do not last because certain societies puts the emphasis on boys being with the opposite sex way to early in life.

    • I think societies frowns up a lot of things, like guys over 18 with girls and boys under 18. People should be able to do what they want, not matter the age or sex, as long is it’s not forced.

  2. If you like this, there is a video on You Tube you will like.
    Esame Ortopedico Completo del Bambino Parts: 1, 2 & 3

    Translation English: Complete Orthopedic Exam of a Child

    It’s very nice.

  3. As a pediatric massage theropist we can not turn the child over on his stomach the child has to be able to make eye contact if he or she is feel uncomfortable
    And only when the parent is present can we turn tje child over in tjat video the parwnt is not present

    • Thats interesting to know, but surprising. I understand maintaining eye contact, but I would think that a boy would feel less vulnerable on his stomach where his back could be massaged – a relatively non-sensitive place to be touched, then on his back, where his chest, nipples and genitalia would be exposed. Personally, I would much prefer to massage his front than his back, ’cause I’m all about the chest and torso, and it’d be nice to view his package if he did, in fact, have a reaction to my touch.

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