28 thoughts on “waiting

  1. Waiting for ..ted!….”Ted, my friend Oscar,says that some men love boys in my age…..”What do you Think, ted?! “I Think Oscar knows what he is talking about…”

  2. WAITING for me, BOY ? “YES Man, I wait for you .”What shall we do man ?”…You may read my answer…”.Collection Anonyme….DES ANNEES 2014….2015…”…ted.

  3. The set up is the title we get ‘ waiting ‘ but what do we see as ‘ waiting ‘ ? We see a boy just ‘ waiting’ to be photographed. Fantasies are hereby elicitation of a making. ‘They’ elude interrogation. The boy seems OK.

  4. Boy going through puberty.
    Reminds me when I was 12 or 13. Nice bulge in those pants. Every time I thought about a cute boy at school it grew bigger and even bigger the next time.

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