18 thoughts on “Gay Boys Are Cool

    • Same here, I always been into boys, for as far back as I can remember! in fact I was around this boy’s age when I started noticing a boy’s physical beauty, and they seem to get more and more attractive with each generation!

  1. WOW ! Shorty is ME at that age! … and so adorable (as was I) Isn’t it grand that a little fellow can be open about this. I was. Still am… I find boys fascinating, intriguing, and simply the best.

  2. 5? Pushing 6 more like it! Probably around 9 now depending on how old video is? I don’t think he knew meaning of “gay” back then? Although it’s possible he liked / likes boys more than just friends? He claims the girls are called gay girls and he can find them too at the playground! So my thoughts are he’s not gay!??! Just a silly club / gang of friends calling themselves gay boys!??!

  3. Also agree with the users explaining their attraction to other boys at that age.I knew for sure in like first grade..I already had boy crushes!! BUT in this cute as all get out boys case I think he has NO IDEA what GAYBOY really means (yet)…When I saw this video a few years ago I fell in love in two ways .One was how freakin cute he was and TWO how cool his parents espescially his dad was with NOT making a big deal about what he was saying because they knew he didn’t really “get it”…but were still willing to have fun with it! Hes in his late teens now! Not sure if hes happy about the notoriety but,Hes a fine boy!

  4. I had my first boy crush aged 7. I only ever liked boy’s after that, some older but mostly about the same age till I was about aged 14 then my interest was always towards younger boy’s and still is.

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