12 thoughts on “fun at the waterfall

  1. Very splashy pictures! thanks. Yes, there are many wonderful skin tones. Good to see the range expanding. Don’t forget Africa, the motherland of us all. I look forward!

    • Africa may ( or, may not be ) the wet land / mother lode of homo sapien sapien. AFRICA, AS SUCH, IS NOT THE CAUSE nor progenitor OF COLOR, SKIN ‘TONE’, RACE, CREED, RELIGION, POLITICAL ORGANIZATION, EYE COLOR, JAWBONE, nor HAIR COLOR / HAIR TEXTURE . TEETH, MOLARS in particular, differentiate world wide, in case you know not, and human motions can be tracked better thereby such a thing [ yes, mere molars !!! ] of the skulls found all around the world and such anthropologists et al can delineate human pathways better than any other characteristic of any human dead. Plus, in comparison to / with the living. —> You are being as racist as the complainants by obeying the ‘skin tone’ requirements of the complainants.

  2. UH-OH …. I just realized what I read. Europeans mixed with non-Europeans aka whites mixed with blacks ? I guarantee there are many sites with non-whites on the internet and there are those that do not mix and those that do. See any Chinese site. Look up any site from India. Try any USA Black site ( mix and not mix; angry, violent, mix, and peaceful ). Explore. You are no different. I like what I like and will go where I get what I like, JUST AS EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD GENERALLY DOES. Otherwise is just as rascist as the racists.

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