11 thoughts on “Maxim at the beach

  1. These are ALL about a guy by the name ‘Maxim’ ? If so, he needs to be put under more control than I figure originally. His neighbor Ms. Bee needs to take Maxim’s belt and use it thrice plus one daily on his bod to get him to obey the code of boy conduct, whatever that is. That she might not succeed is not the issue. Maxim needs the maximum … and he needs it to be tried on him four times a day. His pants won’t come off as often ( only as he is administered the oath of Ms. Bee’s obedience doctrine ). dash laugh

  2. I think he is very disobedient when he sneakz me n his bedroom late at nite to control his uncontrolable nocturnal emissions against his older brothers will, cuz older brother knowz whats up & still wants that same attention

  3. #last. He wanted to have his flexed biceps measured. I did it for him. 27cm, the biggest in class. Then he showed the boy in #4 who’s the boss and continued exercising and increasing the strength and size of his beautiful muscles.

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