43 thoughts on “some boys with beautiful legs

  1. Mmmmh those are some nice legs laugh My fav of the pics would have the be the boy in short shorts sitting down and the boy in the red speedo. But my favorite leg picture is one in your earlier posts… soccer boy getting cream rubbed into his thighs… woahza!

  2. Picture number 6 really does it for me, those gorgeous thighs and lovely bum cheek, WOW, I could look this picture all day. Lets have more pictures like number 6 please.

    Anyone care to PM me, I’m in the UK.

  3. le petit gars numéro 6 est très chou avec son très court petit short bleu avec de belle cuisses et meme apercevoir ces jolies petites fesses hum il m’a l’air coquin et demande à etre caresser avec douceur..mian mian..

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