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  1. Hallo Brother!….We have Brothers around the World who understand…THE BEAUTY OF BOYS…I wish You a nice sunday..regards ted…..P.S…………………I have a friend … .Always up for new ladies on the net……In my fantasy….I meet preteen Boys…regards ted.

  2. Yeah!!! That’s right – there are so many of us out there but without the internet, I dunno how one could bear it! I’ve never known a world without internet, really. I know many others here are much older and must know what its like… it must have been pretty hard and lonely… and you’d actually have to go out and find boys in person just to see them – or I guess people could take pictures but even that requires in-person risk.

  3. OH SO RIGHT LOVE EM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I’ve always been a Tiger briefs model fan! Great series! Oh for the chance to have been one of those boys and got to wrestle with all of them in my tighty whities! Spencer is way too cute!

  5. The other Tiger Undies boy’s name is TYLAN, he’s a real hottie, beautiful, gorgeous and cute. Someboy has more pics of him? (Please publish!!!!). smile penguin

    • You and ME BOTH ,I just love that guy!! I have seen a few Youtube and Tiger Underwear videos that he is in were he is talking and you can just see his personality shine through! Love his hot boy voice too!He is so damn adorable ,funny and witty……Just watched it last night and had to watch it over a few times just to get my “Spencer” fix for the day.. heart laugh If you have the chance to go on Youtube to see him… DO IT!! Id like to post it here sometime or maybe its already on this site somewhere! Hes so funny! Hes always kidding around with the photographer and his other model mates…so silly in that cute boyish way that boys do!

  6. I luv cute adolescent boyz wrestling n tasty underwear, especially sweaty classic white briefz on their sinewy muscled bodies showin their budding & growing masculinity!! Is this an actual TigerUnderwear shoot cuz i think that’s where both ruff & tumble rambunctious rascalz got their fame smile gamer4

  7. Yeap, u all agree its Spencer from Tiger. Dont kno if ive seen this hole set b4=i assume ther R mor, maybe i hav sum. Wil start underwear swim sportz beach file 2post here. I wish sumbody wood post very early yearz of Tiger catalogz=one n particular with boy laidout n hammock was a stunner i hav problem finding dash i had a much yunger 18yo sk8r friend livin with me for yrs=last name spencer=his friend was hot 2

  8. J’aime bien les deux blondinet qui joue à la lutte se sont des beaux petits garçons dans leur magnifique slip bien blanc pour le moment pas de marron dernière ni de jenne devant se sont des garçons très propre et leur coupe de cheveux au bol qu’il vont très bien des beaux titi que beaucoup de amères bien avoir je ne sais pas si les deux blondinet sont des jumeaux

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