22 thoughts on “random friday

  1. I’m not ashamed or embarrassed to admit that boy #2 just caused a HUGE MESS!!!! He is absolutely PERFECT …. GORGEOUS …. SUPER CUTE …. and, yes, SEXY!!!!! I love his straight long brown hair, necklaces, smiles, and body. He is my perfect boy/mate!

  2. Pic #5 : I’d like to buy him a new pair of shoes — just because he needs them. (No strings attached.) I’d just like to see him happy, that’s all.

  3. Like the photography in pic #1.. Pic#.4 id give him a tip for that oh so cute face and # 7 id buy him shoes and anything else he wanted.espescially if he would skate around and get all sweaty and let me smell his undies (and a lot more) afterwards!

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