38 thoughts on “12-year-old Joseph

  1. Joseph is soooo pretty. I would love to kiss him, too. He looks prettier with longer hair. If society accepted man/boy love, I would propose to Joseph and take him as my 12-year-old boy bride.

  2. Dear old man…Gays are accepter….Trans as well….BOY lovers? We are hated in society…In our Dreams we go back to ancient Greece……Soon they will discover…the boylove-geen…..FOR US only…Boys Fantasy…My dog loves me…ted.

  3. i c hes got a black belt in karate & his hair is blond u know who else has got blond hair nathan gamble i know joseph darcey alden lives in the uk i c on his imdb page he has only been in 3 things 1 show then 2 short movies i never watch the tv show doctor who i like us tv shows that has a cute boy as the lead or a guest star

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