34 thoughts on “exactly what you need after a long week of work :)

    • Me too, a few times when I was in Middle school, My current avatar is a boy I had my first relationship with, at that time, (I was 15) I thought I was Gay, It wasn’t until a few years later that I realized that my aoa range had stayed between 7 and 13.

      This would be the ultimate BL job!

      • BTW, the boy in my avatar is named Billy, he was 13, had beautiful blonde hair with natural highlights (long before they were fashionable), and THE MOST gorgeous bright blue eyes I had ever seen up to that point! it was love at first sight for me! he was at my school for only one year, 7th grade, I lost contact with him over the following summer, and was devastated to find that he didn’t return the next year. I have often wondered what became of him! I will never forget him.

  1. I gave a full body massage to my 8yo Karate student after training last night, him only wearing his briefs, me wearing Fundoshi and t-shirt. Let my fingers get underneath his waistband, too: at the back rubbing his buttcheeks, and in front circling his groin, but without touching his genitals, of course. He became rock hard, tenting his briefs, and I also had a considerable growth inside my Fundoshi, leaving a little wet spot…

  2. Whether I’m giving or getting a massage, it always ended up with a “happy ending” for the person being massaged!! I believe that is necessary, especially if the person being massaged has an erection!! That’s why I will only get a massage from a gay person!!

  3. to be the black guy massaging a cute white boy is a possibility that he might never wake up after except as a slave. one would be wanting and the other obedient and each needing each other. I see such 40 years ago and again in another city … black versus white bodies co-operating, so to speak. also drug relations black versus white. that was control, not ‘co-operation’, tho one pays the other. many blacks hate whites and vv. other blacks want white boys to take control of and even rape regularly … I hear such from them. OH that is that. NICE SET OF PICS. smile

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