44 thoughts on “boys enjoying holidays

  1. The 3rd 5th and 6th boyz are my favs.The Cutie in the red speedos really caught my eye.WHAT A REAL SMOOTH HOTTIE.I SOOO WANNA LICK THAT SMOOTH TUMMY!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yes, I can totally understand you smile I also love very much clothed boys. For me they seem more mysterious and more stimulate my imagination smile
      But I also love to see the great bodies of the boys.There are so many boys with incredible nice bodies, so it would be a waste to hide these with clothes smile

      • your right saschax . 100% i’m agree with you smile
        why to hide bodies with clothes ? we must always at home or out side when we playing any game like football or tennis … especially at beach we must wear underpants or speedo smile i think we should enjoy our life laugh

    • I’m not sure if I understand you correctly.
      If you want to have only his butt as avatar.
      So you could trim it directly on your computer with an image editing program and then upload it again.
      But even here in the blog, you can directly after the uploading click on “Edit”, then mark the area to be cropped.
      After that there is on the left, above the image a symbol “Crop”, after cropping click “save”

  2. Its a funny thing ive noticed that when I walk along the beach naked its the men that look at you most and not the woman.
    Im only 12 and I love to walk along the beach naked especially if I get a bit stiff. I love showing off my body.

  3. Attention les cours de soleil mais petit garçon sa fait très mal m’ait de la crème solaire sur votre petite peau mais bébé chéri.pourquoi vous allez pleuré.ses un bon conseils avant de prendre un bain de soleil vous allez avoir une belle peau bien bronze mais chéri.

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