39 thoughts on “continuation: preparing for eating

  1. He doesn’t have to be naked. Those undies look so good on him. He has a beautiful bubble butt and such a sweet, sweet face – I love him just as he is! Pashka is gorgeous! I want to see him in a couple of years wearing a skimpy speedo at the beach!

  2. I can see that other children have coat and clothes but Pashka wear only speedo. It is winter ! Perhaps why he has socks. Hasn’t Pashka clothes at all? Always does he go only in speedos all year, even in winter?
    I’m courious if Pashka wear pyjamas? I think he never had pyajams.
    And probably he goes out always shirtless.

  3. this guy has got the world at his feet providing he doesnt over do things..hes good looking,is well tanned and not afraid of posing for cameras….he may even end up being a male model….good luck young man and id bet your parents are so,so so proud of you..Keep up the god work..cheers..davo darwin, australia..

  4. looks like another young Russian muscle stud (what do they feed their kids ?)…i’d have him working with the heavy weights…winning all the kid muscle classes…

    • Weight lifting and/or overdoing exercise desgtroys good looking bodies and creates muscle-monsters! There’s got to be the natural balance that Nature provides to most boys. sad Forget the weights!!! smile

  5. These pictures of him are really great too, I love seeing him like he is in the pictures And I do love him in those nice undies. I would also to have him after he finishes his chores in my place have dinner with me and stay the night then I would give him a nice reward

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