32 thoughts on “Boy during the World Cup 2006 in Germany

  1. I wonder why the boy is wandering around in his underwear? If it happened in my country I would assume the boy had some mental problems. But this doesn’t appear to be the case here (although I cannot be sure). Is the culture that different in the boy’s country?

  2. What a beautiful young boy. Look at those stunning long legs. He must have been doing this for a photo shoot. Later he is putting on his shorts. He looks to be about 11 years old.
    Just think about it. He is 19 or 20 years old now. These beautiful young boys we see, only have a short window of time to enjoy their youth. We are all blessed to see this time of innocence. Thanks to everyone for the wonderful posts.

    • I love little boys with all my soul and heart
      I am crazy for little boys feet
      I love very innocence of the boys and my most big dream is that little boys, forever young

  3. What is really nice about these pictures is how easy it is for a young boy to walk around in public in his underwear and no one seems to mind. Of course this is in Germany where they are not so uptight about this kind of thing. Here in the United States, if a young boy did the same thing, people would be calling the cops and accusing the boy’s parents of abuse or neglect. We are way too uptight here in the U.S.; too many taboos! I frequently will go out in public places wearing socks and I still get disapproving looks from some people just for that! People need to relax! Great pictures by the way. Too bad this kid wasn’t wearing socks as well, especially when walking through the water.

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