63 thoughts on “home help needed? :)

  1. Boy Fantasy…..Boylovers live in two separate Worlds……The World of fantasies and the real World…..In my fantasy cute boys Clean up my house…..In the REAL World?…NO NO!!!…..Some of my Brothers….do not undestand these 2 WORLDS ??? HAPPY NEW YEAR!….regards ted. Many thanks to Sascha and Nicolas…

  2. My thought us howeeww cute;)”is it not? The boy all working smiling evenwith his little beautiful tanned legs ,and a whoelsome outlook watches a movie recently ‘the river,also great. Hihopevheviscaround 15yea from nowvill by the by then,young manz(inhislateteens)

  3. he is definitly hired (allthough the uniform might need some trimming)
    as a paraplegic, (and yes “that” bit still works thankfully) I could do with help like him in my house, he can help me into bed too , and join me

  4. Pashka is remarkably beautiful and he looks so sexy in that little brief! The fourth pic is just amazing – what a shot!

    He’s a bit younger than my usual AoA, but he’s so gorgeous, and so sexy in that little bikini brief, that I’ll make an exception for him!

  5. Reminds me of a scene from the film: “My own Private Idaho” where River phoenix (a gay street hustler) has a scene with an older gentleman where he plays his “Little Dutch Boy” – A game where the boy cleans the house then sexual fun happens. This little hottie brings that game to a new level! Love those little boy panties! blum

  6. I fear this beautiful boy is being punished by being made to do chores dressed only in underwear, I do hope he is not beaten if he does something wrong. Very beautiful but so sad how some boys are treated.

  7. A beauty. But see his face when carrying the bucket. It shows fear in the eye. The fear that he is soon to be caned for failing to properly clean. It is so sad that some people treat their children so. It is not proper for children to wear only undies. We are right to worry for this boy.

    • Martin: I would give him a shirt and trousers.
      I also would help him with housework.
      Yes in one pic he looks sad
      This boy looks so lovely and he needs somebody who akes care and takes him in the arms when he is sad

  8. he could clean my kitchen any time but he should only wear what he wants and do what he wants such as hang in my bedroom and watch tv or play games but if he didnt want to wear anything I wouldn’t mind at allsmile

  9. Thank you Sascha for sharing this super hottie. good He can hold my broom handle any day. laugh He is so perfect, so gorgeous, such legs, such a cute happy face, nice lips, nice eyes, great build, a butt straight from heaven and well endowed with a pleasure pole I’d love to climb. inlove dog What a wonderful boy, 10 erections up rated with no hesitation. A fantasy boy for all times. shock inlove inlove hug penguin Great share. good hug joy

  10. That is sweetest,cutest little boy iv’e ever seen.See that smooth bod,and that sweet cute little but? gamer gamer gamer inlove I would love to just kiss him all over. Sexy little boy.

  11. Le petit bout chou il a pêne 4 ans qui commence à faire du ménage sa commence très jeune pour travailler il serait mieux qui soit à la piscine ou à la plage vu il est en slip de bain au lieu avoir un balai et un seau d’eau dans les mains tu et trop mignon et trop jeune pour travailler sais pour les mamans va jouer avec t’ai copains je te fais un gros gros bisous tout plein

  12. A very cute boy.
    But I would give him a shirt and trousers when he were in my house to help me clean up
    He has so wonderful eyes and a beautiful smiles-I see trust and tenderness in his eyes.
    I would say to him: “Come sweetie,lets have a cup of hot chocolate,later you can help me clean up the house.
    A so lovely little darling!

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