24 thoughts on “Boy who sees nothing :)

  1. he can obviously ‘see’ and we figure he has difficulty. I hate my long hair in my face as per the hippie fashion so I eventually get it cut short and keep it short ever since. His hair is so lovely he figures, maybe, it is ok. mine is never as blond as his. NICE HAIR !!! NICE SET OF PHOTO’s. he is as flowerful as his shorts are. good

  2. It’s about time they had a slim trim pubescent Muppet Teenboy! He dont need sunglasses&chickz withBIG titz cant see him staring or even salivating!! It could be a rebelious thing or a trend among his peerz, or maybe, like my longtime 10year younger friend found out, the dumb girliez adore longhaired boyz

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