20 thoughts on “Boys with legs :o

  1. All awesome but I really love 4 I would love to take his sneaker off and smell his feet then take his sock off and lick his feet inlove if he lets me lick anything else it would be great he is a cutie would do the same for 5. 6 on the other hand I would love to have him sit on my lap minus the shorts of course inlove then I would love to smell and lick his feet and anything else he would let me hope it would be a lot inlove inlove hug hug heart heart

  2. #1 and especially #5 – completely irresistible. And I didn’t try ty resist smile He has perfect calves and abs. And I’ll help him build the arms and the pecs. He’s gonna be on the top of the list of every girl in the world.

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