26 thoughts on “Athletic Thursday

  1. What a fierce face he has in the last picture, I wonder if it is getting ready for competition or it has something to do with putting his goggles on?

    • He is just putting on his goggles. Those things are usually quite tight and uncomfortable to make sure they don’t slip off.
      He still has to put his bathing cap on so I would say he has at least one more minute before the start. It’s no battle face.

  2. just curious what kind of suit is that plus he is so cute i wounder the same thing if he is smooth underneath that swimsuit also very nice pictures
    please reply back thanks

  3. I figure that he is old enough to know. His bump / outline shows he is not a tiny type. wonder all you want about age versus size, he is ok, better tha a lot. the light blue suit is just like him … CUTE ! laugh

  4. I am sure he’s smooth underneath with a couple pubes. My first pubes started when i was 12. I think i woke up one morning and had bout 5 above my lil dick bout the length of my finger nails. His looks a lil bigger then mine tho when i was 12(im cut) i wonder if he is

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