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  1. What beautiful pictures – so inspiring. Greetings peeps! I’ve never commented on a site like this before, only looked! But I always get so discouraged when I hear news reports or w/e about how screwed up the law is and how people are so prejudiced and, really, disgustingly distorted in their views about people like us (well, I guess in every group of people there are those who do bad things but you get the point). It is really nice to see others say things like “I’ve always thought middle school boys were God’s most beautiful creation” and things like that – because I think these things too and no one else around me thinks this, or at least none I know of. When I tell my friends (the few that I trust enough to tell), they don’t judge me but they also don’t agree! Haha – they like old guys or girls but I just don’t, so its nice to see those who appreciate the same beauty I do. Boys are just so beautiful its unbelievable!! Right!?! I hope that, one day, in my future career (I am going to be a lawyer), I will be able to assist people like you here in changing the law to a more favorable state. Now, I was wondering if I could get you guys’ opinions on that subject.

    What do you think the law should be when it comes to this subject? Both actual sex and then pornography? Some people, I’m sure, would love to simply eliminate the age of consent. Opponents have legitimate concerns though, I feel, about the welfare of children who may be coerced or abused as a result of this, given their dependence on adults and vulnerability. On the other hand, sex in my opinion is not something like handling a gun, or even skydiving – that is, its not very dangerous like most people pretend it is when it comes to children. I feel that the people who want a high age of consent are simply uncomfortable with the idea of children having sex, or even romantic relations – and so they society deems it “inappropriate” or even “harmful” when the former is merely subjective and the latter erroneous (apart from psychological harm resulting from coercion or physical harm resulting from jamming parts too big into holes too small or what not).

    What do you guys think? If you were legislators in your jurisdiction in charge of drafting legislation on this subject, what would be allowed or not and why?

    P.S. What the hell is wrong with this site!? I’m trying to register, and I did register – but then it wouldn’t take my password, wouldn’t let me reset it, and of course won’t let me re-register with the same email address! What a pain! I haven’t gotten any validation email sent? Is there one I have to wait for?

    • (re: P.S.) I have a dummy email I use for most sites, and I have a backup email for this reason in case there’s a problem.

      In Japan, before WWII it was not unusual for children, especially boys, to have sex with adults, for example, a brothel in Japan was known as a Geisha house, If a Geisha ended up pregnant, the resulting child would service customers as well as the women. Gen. Douglas MacArthur put a stop to it and set up laws to govern this. The Japanese have always been proud of their bodies, even today it isn’t unusual to see nudity in public, especial very young boys. I was looking at a Nat’l Geographic magazine one time, there was a page showing a round table, surrounded by adults playing a card game, it was the hot summer time because everyone in the pic was sweating profusely, a few feet away, a boy of about 5 or 6, was asleep on his back in a chair, in order get comfortable enough to go to sleep he had peeled off all his clothes and was fast asleep! In the Peoples Republic of Russia, in some areas, on a boy’s birthday, he attends his party in his “Birthday Suit”! my guess is this might be where the term originated from! they’ve always been very open minded about their bodies! the rest of the world could learn a thing or two from them!

    • I agree with you on that. I believe that love or romance can not be limited by race, ethnicity, religion or AGE. But there is that side they are always telling. Wish you good luck on your law career. If people around you don’t agree with you, you would find some nice people who would.

    • As far as the site goes, I believe they were having technical problems, but it looks like it is fixed now.

      As far as the law goes, I think it is fine the way it is for the health and safety of the boy. I personally never planned to have a boy in fact I’ve sworn to God that if I take a boy he would kill me before I do any damage. But I do enjoy the art of the photograph of the nicely dressed boy.

      I believe that the current research shows that is harmful to the boy to have sex with the man or anybody else. It certainly isn’t natural and could distort his young mind and prevent him from having pleasurable relations with the girl of his choice one day.

      I look at this site as a release to prevent me from offending.

      Sorry to burst your bubble, you might find NAMBLA
      more sympathetic.

      • Well for some reason I still can’t login. I did use an email I created for purposes like this – but I don’t have *two* such emails.

        Now, don’t worry, you haven’t burst any bubble of mine. I do believe that you’re incorrect though about research showing sex is harmful. Obviously, in order to carry out such a study, you’d need to have boys having sex with other people – obviously the legal environment would not allow such a thing, and no such study could pass IRB review. There are no studies on that as far as I’m aware. The studies that do exist refer to children who have had unwilling sex with adults – in other words, child sexual abuse. I don’t think anyone questions that sex characterized by a lack of consent would be traumatic – it is for adults, so why would it not be for children? I would hazard a guess that it is no different. But this cuts both ways – when adults have consensual sex – whether between men and women or between men or between women – its not damaging or harmful. So why then would it be between children or between an adult and a child?

        What is “natural”? That’s a normative term – many boys grow up to marry the man of their dreams… hopefully you’re in a jurisdiction where that can happen. I will soon be. But in what way would a boy’s mind be “distorted”? How would he be prevented from later having relations with others should that be what he want? Curious.

        I don’t have an agenda other than to learn others’ views and inform my own perspective. I hope you too can learn from others.

        I might agree with you about the law – but not because sex would be harmful if had between boys or boys/men inherently. Instead, I feel, it may be better for the law to be this way because children are so vulnerable to manipulation – a man can coerce a boy to say that he consented when in fact he did not. We don’t want situations like that. On the flip side, if there are two consenting individuals, regardless of age, the law is harming them in preventing them from having the freedom to do what they want that doesn’t harm others. I don’t agree with that. But yet, I don’t trust the public at large to do the right thing – not until there are no longer rapes, murders, etc..

        Personally, I have a foot fetish, and so when I see a boy barefoot, my brain interprets him as being naked, and I can get off on that alone. This, thankfully, allows me to have what I consider “pornography” but what the law would not so deem – so I can have as much as I want of it. Of course, I do enjoy shotacon as well, which is also legal to possess in my jurisdiction. So, I don’t have much personal interest in legalizing cp, but I’m open to the idea upon convincing argument. I think though that that idea is subject to the same problem. How should we know if such photos were self-produced or taken unwillingly with coerced “consent”? I do think it is absurd when children are prosecuted for self-producing (“sexting”) cp though.

        So – those are some of my thoughts.

        Now, just to be clear – I’m just trying to get others’ opinions on this.

      • Please think about it again. What research have proven damage by love or romance? Is it not normal to love? “before i do any damage” what sort of damage are you talking about? Do not misunderstand. We are talking about relationships on consent.

        • It is difficult for a very young boy to resist the suggestions of an adult. Therefore I doubt that most of the consensual relations really are.

          • Well, I think how difficult it is to say now is how comfortable the boy feels around the adult – I feel like it would be the adult’s responsibility to make sure that the boy felt comfortable in saying no to things he didn’t want and yes to things he did want, and that should his desires conflict with the adult’s, the boy’s would prevail and there would be no repercussions for that. Now, several years ago when I was 17 (not quite adult, I suppose, granted), I had a romantic relationship with a 12yo boy. He had no problem telling me what he would allow and what he wouldn’t – I made him feel comfortable in doing so, and really he was the type that would tell you what for regardless of how you felt about it anyway… So, while I feel like your concern is definitely valid in some circumstances – I feel its not always true.

          • You have got a point. But which age do you mean as “very young”?
            I know boys of ages 12, 13, 14 from my country (Sri Lanka) who had completely understandable desires of their own. Somebody in that age can understand what he/she needs or not, and I know that as a fact. Think without being relative.
            I belive that the world is changing and that everyman is doing things which are expected from them few years later. I am amazed because 10yo boys do things what I have not even dreamed at 10.
            But laws should be applied to prevent the freedom being used for crimes.

    • The age of consent is so arbitrary. And hypocrisy is rife among the antis.
      A former girl friend thought her underage daughter would be OK to shag a 17 year old, but 20+ was perverted….

      The law is different all over the world, so there’s no “agreed” age of consent.
      Besides, if they’re worried about pregnancy? Er, newsflash: boys can’t get pregnant!!

  2. When Sigmund Freud published his “Drei Abhandlungen zur Sexualtheorie” which advanced his theory of sexuality, in particular its relation to childhood. He proved that children aren’t asexual, thus some sort of trauma isn’t likely to arise from sexual interaction, so boys are aware of many more things than there parents would like them to be… The motive of a older male being attracted to a boy is as old as the entire human race, it can be found since very early on in ancient literature, in many different cultures. The only reason why it isn’t approved today is because of social norms that have been changed out of
    groundless fear and extreme moralism. I wish you the best of luck in your attempts to change the law that is very unfair to boys that need attention, and those who would like to share it with them…

  3. Picture #4 is awesome. The boy in the blue shirt looks so content. You can see the joy in his face. I can only imagine what he might be thinking but it could be, ” this is where I belong, when I’m wrapped in his arms I feel safe and loved.”

  4. Its nice to see these boys enjoying there friendship Its a pity they have to grow up in a world of prejudice. Let them enjoy there friendship while they are young only perverts would want to have sex with these boys the rest of us just admire there beauty. Peace be with you.

  5. Love for another is beautiful, regardless if its for someone of the same sex as you are. I am happy to see these young boys having the courage to show their love for one another at such a young age! The recent legalization of gay marriages around the world, has been a real milestone towards us gays being accepted by mainstream society! It wasn’t long ago that I was at a Gay Pride Parade with someolder people when a newspaper photographer asked if she could take our picture! I and a younger friend there immediately agreed to let her…..while our older companions ran for cover!!

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  7. A LOT of boys have sexual feeling too,i remember I cute blond 3 year old boy coming close to 4 was trying it on with me all the time…and I mean he wanted stuff for real no joke.
    I have found out so many boys love older male attention and boys know they got that cute look and cute butt that gets us going crazy for them.
    Boys are awesome and there are so many out there…young ones,little ones,small ones,tiny ones……and all have their own little look…from average,slim,puppy fat slim and let’s Not forget those pretty little behinds! From small buns to tiny buns to those bubble butts that stick out more which give a boy even more boy bun to play with mmmmmmm and they all have a special thing stored in their little shorts….and the best thing is….some of them are big for there age if you get what I mean ;)
    I believe boys have the best behind ever and that boy body shape wow!

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