‘Picture of the Week’ – Winners

In the last survey have won these beautiful photos.


First placed is this nice beach boy, submitted by ‘Jacob2468’ smile


Drew again, submitted by ‘Karol’ smile


Florian, submitted by ‘Florian’!? :mrgreen:

Many thanks to the winner and all the other participants. :cool:

All participants and results.

___All previous winners___

62 thoughts on “‘Picture of the Week’ – Winners

      • I signed up just to make this comment. Drew, stop whining. This isn’t a competition, and you need to stop snapping at everyone just because they appreciate something that isn’t you. Honestly, when I see your picture, I automatically scroll to the comments because I am curious to see if you are for once appreciative of the fact that you made the list at all, but instead all I get is you freaking out at everyone. Calm down man, it might get you more respect.

        • This isn’t a competition? If that picture is really Drew, then I think he certainly has a right to feel that everyone voting on their favorite is, in fact, a competition. That’s how I view it, and that’s definitely how I would feel if it were my picture posted up for everyone to gawk at and say who they think is hotter than me. And if that is really Drew, a recent picture, then I think it would be excusable for a boy that age to be insecure about his looks no matter how beautiful he really is…. boys that age sometimes ‘whine’ to get the attention they need, so don’t beat him up over it if he needs some reassurance to boost his confidence.

          • Except that he is always whining and complaining when people mention how they like other pictures. I’ve seen him threaten people with being banned (despite the fact that he has no control over this), and it seems ridiculously childish to me. I understand that he is young and that he has a right to be insecure, but I don’t think he should vent that by being so obnoxious towards other members here.

        • It seems to me like you don’t understand boys very well – perhaps you appreciate their beauty but they are much more than that. They are at least as complex and unique as adults are… Personally, I like it when they behave like that because of what it is an indicator of…. but I’ll leave that to you to figure out. Even if I didn’t like it… if he’s a child, he going to behave childishly. He really only threatens to call the police or ban people in response to people he perceives to be attacking him. People say to him, in effect, “Stop acting like a child!” despite that he is (or is represented to be) a child. I am not saying he couldn’t be more mature – obviously he could, as you say, but sometimes you just can’t ask that of people until they’re ready for it.

      • Yeah, of these three, #2 is the definitely the most beautiful. Beautiful big brown eyes, smooth flawless skin, and perfect hair… Absolutely gorgeous.

        • Really dude. I thought you were supposed to be the mature one here. He’s just being a gorgeous boy, what more do you want from him? Stop judging him and leave him alone please..

        • I was talking to you, armored.wombat.
          You seem to either:
          1) have intended what you said to be offensive and to not care, or
          2) not realize that what you were saying would be interpreted as offensive – that something was wrong with him in the picture – that his lips would only look like that if he was having a hard attack instead of him just being playful, as was no doubt the case.
          I assumed the former since you and Drew seem to have a history of going at it.

  1. Drew, you’ll improve your chances if you wear a speedo. Seriously. It’s not just about your face, it’s about your body. That first boy looks fantastic in his speedo and his tan.

  2. Drew u are really cute. is there anywhere i can go to see more of ur pics. i agree with you it is not about being almost nude it is about being hot like u

  3. Recent trends in the design of male swimwear are lamentable. Why must boys be swaddled in enough canvas to rig a schooner? Even the Speedo is a concession to prudery too far.

  4. Everybody get along now ok
    If these are really the young guy’s in the pictures posting themselves then they have the right to react the way they do,If not then why worry about how they act…BILL

      • You know, I really frikkin love all you people. Anon22 (whoever you really are), Drew (whether you’re a child looking for well-deserved attention or, in fact, an agent of law enforcement or even a nosy-assed vigilante), Bill (who always posts lovely, warm comments), sashax99 (our wonderful and great benefactor), Mike (a random participant I saw on this comment tree), kai028 (someone who loves to see boys in speedos), and even armored.wombat (who wrongfully picks on Drew but is rightfully suspicious of Drew)…. and everyone else here too… This is really a lovely place – the bickering that occurs here is pretty tame by most internet standards – maybe that’s because of some filtering our lovely sasha has gifted us with, idk, but its made this place pleasant to be in. We’re all here to appreciate the most beautiful thing in the universe – the pre-teen boy – and its a place we can talk to others who share this view in a world that is so perverse… a world that sees this one as the one that is perverse but so labels it based largely on its faulty assumptions and irrational feelings… it is so refreshing to me to finally talk to other people who see what I see, and who think what I think. I’ve grown really resentful and suspicious of other people in society – knowing they likely hold these perverse views of me unknowing that they do because I don’t identify my true thoughts to them. Its truly an evil thing when everyone walks around with assumptions you know are wrong but you feel too endangered to correct, for your own sake, and so you’re left to watch others like you be persecuted and shamed in the news, sometimes rightfully but frequently wrongfully. I hope you guys live wonderful happy lives and continue to participate in and run sites like this. Love from me to you all.

        • I love your lovely comments smile Unfortunately my English is too bad to express myself right here.
          I think one of my intentions is to create a place where we can be together and can find new friends.
          It makes me happy to see that there are so many other nice people, who have the same feelings for boys as I. smile

          • Sasha your English is quite good! but you can always just write what you want to say in your 1st language if your not sure how to word it, because all we have to do to translate it is to Right-click and copy, then open a new tab to Google and paste in the search bar, and it will translate for us!

          • Aww you guys are awesome! Thanks Anon22 and saschax99! Anon22 I hope you stay here – I know you said you created that account just to complain about Drew but you should stay as a regular commenter smile Sascha your English is great! Thanks so much for taking the time to write in English too! They didn’t teach us German in school (they did teach some Spanish though). It makes me happy to be a part of your site and to read your comments, and especially to see all the pictures of beautiful young boys ^-^

            Thank you!

          • I think I will stay. I like the website and the community is a good one for the most part. It is nice to have other people who understand that you can appreciate how young boys look without it being pedophilic.

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