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  1. Sinal has an EXCELLENT taste in the most exotic and stunning beauty of boys I even on this blog.Ever since I signed on to receive the latest posts of the latest boys on the net.Both boys are so cute,but I must say the boy in the green shorts is so GORGEOUSLY CUTE.I THINK IM IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yeah I know right!? When I was in kindergarten (mid-90’s), we had a pool at my school and I thought for sure that we would not be expected to get totally naked in a public place – so I wore my undies under my bathing suit – and then later when it was time to change out, I had no dry undies! So I had to go commando until my mom came with fresh undies! The teacher told me I was supposed to take them off afterward – but apparently today its not like that…

    • the underwear is to collect genitals in a pack for personal protection. The baggy outer is for the show. as far as I am able to figure. as best from comments from youngers when I dare to ask.

  2. So, do you guys collect photos/videos like this?

    Let me preface before proceeding further – I mean photos not containing nudity.

    I certainly do and I hear its quite a common practice for people like us. Of course society pathologizes it, like most things it doesn’t understand, but its pretty practical and useful given what we can and can’t legally do.

    I ask because I feel absolutely overwhelmed by my collection. Frequently, I want a certain picture or video to look at and its such a hassle when I forget where I put it and have to search through libraries of photos to find this particular one I’m searching for. Have any of you found a way to sensibly organize your collection, if you have one? I’ve tried – and it took hours and hours and I felt it was just a drop in the bucket. I really wish I had some software that could do it for me, and NOT by location or date, both of which are totally unhelpful means of organization. I need things like age and other descriptors such as ‘barefoot,’ ‘shirtless’ etc. –

    I also ask because I was wondering if anyone would want to trade pics? I’ve never done it before (and again I’m ONLY looking for legal, non-nude stuff) and that’s all I have to give in return. I have thousands of pictures.

    • One day I decided to delete everything I’ve downloaded since I never really watched it. It wasn’t organised or anything.
      All I have left now are some pictures I made myself.

      Easiest to label (you can add labels and tags to pictures). Next to that you can use the rating system.

      • What!? Why would you do that! I could never imagine deleting my whole collection – I was be so distressed if I did that. I started collecting when I was like 18 or so (I’m 25 now)… I prefer pictures over videos but yeah – but the point is I don’t have time to go picture by picture placing all these labels – I want something fast & accurate! Like for example, when I categorize by age, I’m doing it by what I *think* is the correct age, and so later on, when I want to see a picture, I have to think, “would I have thought he fell in the 8-10 category or the 11-14 category?” Its so hard.

        • There are no easy sollutions… The pictures I still have are labeled quite good. By name and date. But it takes a few hundred hours to tag everyone. Yes, I around twentyfivethousand pictures myself.

          At one time I had a HD crash. That was the moment I decided to get rid of the entire collection of dl pictures. Never watched them anyways.

    • Since my general collection is so small, I just have one folder (given a generic, boring name so as not to arouse suspicion, lol) into which I just throw everything, and I can usually find what I’m looking for pretty easily in there. There are some boys that I have a particular abundance of, so I give them their own folders within the general folder, each given a name that I relate to that person (typically some code word from another language), and within those I typically divide them further with folders denoting “barefoot” and so on, as you mentioned. For one folder my collection is so extreme that I have a folder called “Larges” (or “Grandes”, as it really is, lol, in which I keep very large, high quality photos), and then “Videos”, for videos, and then years for 2012, 2013, and 2014, each further divided into the specific sources that I got the pictures from. It all tends to work pretty well, but the general folder is pretty unorganized at the moment and I do need to get it in order one of these days.

      • Thanks for the reply! I guess I let my ‘general’ collection get so large before doing any organizing that organizing has become such a monumental task. Yeah – I used to remember by source where I got photos but after it got to be around several thousands of photos I started forgetting whether it was one site or another for particular pics. Yeah mine are named generically too haha

        Any chance we could trade pics? Its fine if you don’t want to – no pressure. But if you do, I’d be really interested in your barefoot folders/pics – that is largely what my collection is, but 99.99% of the time the whole body is included, many speedo, bathing suit, etc. pics.. Btw, have you ever traded before? I haven’t – is there a particularly favored way in this community for trading files that involves the least amount of risk (even though I’d only be trading legal stuff anyway – for social reasons you know)? Even if you don’t wanna trade info. on how people typically do that would be helpful…

        Thank you!

    • Be aware that Google monitors everything that goes through their email service and will report you to the authorities if you are sending inappropriate stuff through Gmail.

      • No worries – I wasn’t planning on sending “inappropriate” stuff – provided that by that you mean “illegal” stuff. Even if you didn’t – they can report me all they want but unless I do something illegal the authorities have no authority to act – such is the rule of law.

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