46 thoughts on “The Fountain

  1. What I like most about this boy, is that he is aware of how he looks and isn’t shy about it… I’m sure he knows many of us will go crazy when we see these photos. This post actually reminded me that in ancient Greece and Rome boys used to run into, and play in the fountains all the time… only those boys didn’t have any underwear ;)

      • I think it would be quite refreshing if I saw boys like this one in the fountains more often… He has some of the most beautiful legs I’ve ever seen, and his blond hair fits him so well… I definitely agree with you and others commenting on this post. smile

  2. Hi all, new to the blog. This boy made up my mind to create an account so I could share my thoughts with u all.
    He’s perfect for me! Literally everything about him is exactly how I like my boys. Gorgeous blond hair, lovely face, a very nice body for his age and my favourite bit, those amazing smooth boy legs smile

    • Hi Tom!
      Welcome! I’m pretty new here too but its a pretty lively place I think. I hope you do post more comments… oh man I totally agree with you about this boy. He is so beautiful!! I’d have to agree – he’s just like how I like my boys too smile At least physically speaking that is, although I like darker haired boys too.

  3. Thanks MinterGreen and Simcah. This is a truely great blog and I can tell already its gonna be one of those things where you wonder how you ever lived without it! The pics r amazing smile

    • I know right?? The pics are awesome – idk where Sascha gets them but I really like having a steady stream to look through for my collection ^-^ Hope you make lots of comments!!

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