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  1. No elbow pads, no knee pads, no helmet. I hate to see kids skate like that, they are crusing for a brusing or something even worse. Major brain injuries are no fun.

      • Not in the hospital. But otherwise, you are correct. But I would rather see the boys safe then sexy, as I am sure that you would.
        They can take the helmets off when they are resting.

          • I mostly watch videos,for example I am watching Smitty now. In the summer I go white water rafting a lot or camping. And I take care of my four cats, which keeps me busy sometimes.
            Retirement is less interesting then I thought it would be, luckily I have plenty of money, enough to last the rest of my life if I am careful. And I retired about 12 years early.

          • Oh I see – hmm. White water rafting – my mom went on an employee bonding trip for her work (she works for a hospital) and she said its really very fun. Cats huh? I love cats – they’re adorable but my mom was allergic so we never had them. We do have dogs and I have a pet snake whom I love very much. Yeah that sounds good if you have plenty of money! What kind of food do you like? My favorite is fast food smile I love chicken fingers and French fries!

          • i am having safeway fried chicken, if it is not my favorite, it is close enough. If you get a cat keep it away from the snake, they do not get along.

          • Oh yeah both cats and snakes can be quite dangerous to each other – my snake is not venomous though and is definitely not aggressive. I definitely would be careful with the two if I ever do get a cat – I’ve seen some cats and snakes in harmony on youtube for example but others yeah there would be problems.

            I see – I don’t think we have safeway where I live so I’m not sure what that tastes like but my favorite is probably Zaxby’s!

          • I would like to know what you do for fun, and how come you have so much time to be on this board? I thought that law students were very busy studying.

          • Haha you’re damn right I am very busy studying – but its because I’m sitting at my computer doing that that I have time to check in and look for comments to reply to – it doesn’t take much time to do, unlike my homework. Right now I’m reading about the Truth in Lending Act (TILA) for my consumer law course.

            For fun, I like to play games on my 3DS (not enough time for Xbox 360 games while school’s on) like Super Smash Bros and Pokémon (I just finished Pokémon White 2 and I’m playing Y now). I play those games while I’m in bed at night as well as occasionally in between my readings. I also love to shop on eBay and I love “relaxing” to pictures of boys (I do gay porn & foot pics too but not as much). Sometimes I watch tv but rarely – I like shows like American Greed, Shark Tank, The Profit, and other CNBC shows smile

          • Lol yeah? I just bought a fleece blanket that is keeping me warm at night although I got it at Walmart, not eBay. Part of the summer? Geez it gets too hot for that here. On eBay I’ve got my poster collection and a lot of Pokémon merchandise – my posters are for video games, although when I used to work at a movie theater, I collected movie posters too. I have some nice ones, like an original 1993 Jurassic Park one sheet (from eBay) – I love posters!

          • I noticed that you like gay porn. Well I have written some. Did you ever read “Two Special Friends”? My earliest work and the only one currently published on the web.

          • No I haven’t – you can feel free to send it to me though if you want (email address is same as username @gmail.com. I know you mentioned it in another comment – I think I responded but it might’ve gotten caught up in our beloved Sascha’s spam filter. I like some gay porn – pretty much only oral aside from feet… don’t really like anal.

      • Yes, I noticed that after I posted, but he does not appear to be skating then. Just sitting on his butt.
        And I do not remember taking many chances as a child, a few but not many.

        On a separate note, I hate the way kids look in tee shirts, I much prefer pools or full button front shirts, they look so much better.

  2. How many times I turned arouned to look at a sexy skater !!…BAD LUCK!….I find a lady and her…”thing on Wheel !!! Women….women !!!…Bad luck !…ted

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