41 thoughts on “Surfing Saturday

  1. That is one good looking boy!
    Rubbing sun cream onto a boys back?!! Good god, that’d be heaven!! Although here in Britain u would probably get arrested for that even if the kid asked you to do it as he did to you sad

      • Just noticed I’ve typed “that” 4 times… But I do make such mistakes when something really irritates me. Why would you ever get arrested for putting sunscreen onto some boys back? I’m curious as to why that is considered as something so negative in your country?

        • I’m curious too – I suspect that something like that is unlikely, but that it probably does seem like that to him because the issue has been so stigmatized in Western countries

        • With the number of pedos who have been arrested recently, police have been going to the opposite extreme, and arresting everyone who does anything the least bit suspicious. Also, the public looks for pedophiles everywhere.

  2. Good evening all, Bill who was posting with this group was shot this afternoon and is in stable condition at this Time.Bill like myself are U.S.Coast Guard Enforcement Officers anf spend our days chasing Child Slavery Offenders.Like Bill I find nothing wrong or Illegal about this site and that is very refreshing in this day and age…CHIEF

  3. A beautiful, athletic surfer boy. I love the way his suit hangs on his bubble butt.
    A lovely body…..perfect flawless tan skin. Just seeing this picture makes my heart leap. heart heart heart

  4. These pics were obviously taken at an extreme angle with the photographer looking down at the subject. I know what that’s like when I take indoor swim pics because spectators are not allowed on deck. The problem is that the spectator area is so damn high up it’s frustrating and ridiculous for getting decent pics and I’m often amazed at how many non essential personnel “are” allowed on deck. They practically out number the swimmers. Unfortunately there very few out door meets any more.
    Here’s something else you may or may not be aware. Girls entries in any given event greatly outnumber the boys.
    For example: 50 meter free style:
    Girls 10 to 12 heats at least….. Boys at best 3 or 4 heats
    At 8 to 10 lanes per heat. Well I hope you can do the math

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