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  1. His face expression in pic no. 1 : “I’m so hot, and I know it”
    I just love confident and unpredictable boys, everything about them is exiting…

  2. He looks So Cool and Confident in the first pic,it is very allureing.At the same enticing and dangerous.An air of caution for sure.Nonetheless he is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUSLY CUTE.I LOVE HIS HAIR.YEAH and it does looks like he’s doing something illegal in pics #2and#3.

  3. Holy crap, how I love this blog! Some of the most beautiful photos I’ve seen.

    This boy is exquisite! The long arms/legs, the way his ‘wifebeater’ clings to his torso, and that hair! It’s too bad he’s wearing the board shorts. I’d love to see more of those legs.

  4. He’s a boarder, preparing to get into the water. He is putting his valuables into the bag so they don’t get wet. Pic 1 & 2 you can see his bracelet and Pic 2 & 3 you can see his purple Phone/Sunglasses case and then in Pic 3 he is tying the lot up safely.

    I just want to wrap him up when he gets out of the water. Don’t want him getting cold.

  5. I am wondering about my choice of lifestyle, fawning over boy’s pictures and fantasizing about ravishing them does not seem to satisfy the way it use to. It is like staring at a piece of steak but never getting to eat any. I wonder if I can change at this time of my life.

    • Change in what way? Yeah, I don’t blame you for any dissatisfaction… you want to actually have a relationship with a boy, don’t you? Involving all the things a relationship does, love, caring, quality time, gifts, surprises, and yes physical affection. Right? That’s what I want!

        • Its not actually what we all want – some really do want just sex. To ‘relieve’ themselves in one boy and move onto the next. But maybe most of us here do want the relationship component too. Frankly, I don’t care if I’m judged – I live by my own standards and I make my own choices based on what I think is appropriate or not, not what society thinks. Of course, I am also cognizant of society’s standard enforcement component, the law, and I wish to stay outside of its grip, so I will do that, but I certainly will not change my behavior if it would not result in my being confined or otherwise punished.

          • You say you want a relationship with a boy and you will live your life exactly the way you want. You also say that you will obey the law. You can’t have it both ways.
            It’s all silly talk anyway. Stand up, and walk to a mirror and look long and hard at yourself. Why would a boy want a relationship with you?! Seriously, WHY?
            I don’t mean you personally I mean men in general. You’re all kidding yourself. A cute 12yo boy wants a cute 12yo girl. And for the gay boys out there they want someone their age too.
            You and every other pedo is doomed to be alone and lonely for the rest of your lives. It’s a sad fact. You must know this to be true. Anything else is a fantasy.

            • I came to terms with this fact years ago! I’m 53 now, I had a few relationships in my early and mid teen years with a few boys, but realized, thankfully before the age 18, that at 18 the playing field changed forever! over the years I’ve had some platonic friendships with boys and have found those to be quite rewarding and satisfying, I have become a Connoisseur of boys! I go to public events and other functions, not just for the functions themselves, but also to see BOYS BOYS BOYS!! I’ve done a lot of research on the legalities of photo taking in public setting, in the USA it IS legal to take pictures anyone you choose without the need of consent! BUT, it has to be ON public land! so I collect pictures of boys, instead of what i would really like to collect from them!
              I’m 1st and foremost, a Boybuff! secondly, I’m a carbuff, I own 2 vintage cars, which is a good way to see boys in a public setting! smile

          • HunterD,

            Well, I feel sorry for you if that’s your reality but isn’t mine. I’ve already experienced the contrary and know, from experience, that its not just fantasy.

            So… you can take your societally-approved bull and shove it up your ass because we’re not interesting it sniffing it. It stinks like hell… and I’m sorry if that’s what *you* see in the mirror, but I’m quite happy with what I see.

            Thanks though! smile

            • When I start taking lessons in life from the Bible is when I casll for the men in white coats. Should I also go around smiting Hittites?

          • But I want to know *why* you think that – it isn’t wrong in my view, neither with girl nor boy. My moral compass is based on the harm principle – it is only “wrong” if harm is done against the harmed individual’s will.

          • Well no one can win an argument about substantive religion since it is all a matter of interpretation, so Iwill avoid that, but you said even with a girl that it would still be “wrong” to you, so that can’t fully account for your position anyway.

          • Is it wrong? yes and no…

            Is it always wrong (morally)? no…
            But it is so hard to judge.
            I don’t believe that all kids are asexual, but most are. And some kids would be willing to do anything to please an adult they like or admire, even if they don’t want to. And they will never let you know they don’t really want it. I do agree with MinterGreen89 that wrong implies harm, and that is against someones will. I do also see why the law states that children are unable to make such decisions, since most of them actually are.

            And the god argument. For me the bible is just another fairy tale to scare people and make them give money. (I do however support the idea all religions preach of brotherly love and values).

          • Jo,

            So, I agree, most kids appear to be asexual. However, why do you think that is? From all appearances, I was asexual as a kid, but I know from my own experience my first sexual feelings occurred in Kindergarten, although I never told adults this who would embarrass me for liking girls.

            Society keeps information about sex from kids on purpose – of course – how are they to decide whether they want to engage in something if they know nothing but weird, unexplainable feelings that they alone appear to experience? That is the reason, I feel.

            Yes, I agree there are dangers with children but so too with adults. At what point does simple persuasion become harmful coercion?

            Some kids may not be inclined to reveal their true feelings but I feel it’s the adult’s responsibility to ensure they feel 100% comfortable in revealing their true feelings.

            As for morality – it’s all subjective and I don’t think there’s much point in arguing based on that.

          • That’s the great thing about discussions. We all have some points, experience and an opinion. But nobody is right and nobody is wrong.

            For myself, I’ve never had any sexual feelings or even masturbated before the age of 18… I do realise I might have missed something. And till a few years ago I had plenty contact with kids all ages. Those I knew best did often joke about sex, but weren’t ready to do more than just joke about it. That is all from the observers p.o.v., we never really talked about that. But I do know that no 2 kids are alike.

          • Okay, yeah you’re not required to explain yourself but its certainly not persuasive to say such a thing – so, if that was your original intent to get others to adopt your moral view, then that isn’t the way to do it. Not sure why else you stated your moral opinion, but yes, before you say it, you don’t need a reason. But normally its implied you’re trying to persuade and I was definitely not persuaded and I still maintain sexual relations with a boy (or girl), so long as fully consensual, is not wrong, or even close to wrong. Its sooooo right.

    • I know exactly what you mean, I was beginning to think along those lines. This website while it gets me going also gets me frustrated so much. But ok, Im addicted now. Addicted to fantasies, wondering if that’s such a good idea.

  6. You can not have sex with a boy, the hardware is not there to do it. You may have something that stimulates sexual feelings, but just like masturbation, it is not SEX.

    • Well I’m not quite sure what should I say at the moment… I try to look away when I see comments that are meant to insult somebody, and most of the time I try to limit what I write (as this is only a comment box for the pictures above). So I wrote this comment about you because the world really needs more people like you… Everybody should have the right to choose and not be judged because of the choice they made. So lawyers that will push for more freedom (in every aspect) are never in short demand…

        • Pray all you want wombat but this world belongs to my generation now and we are getting rid of the old moral establishment and traditions that have been unduly restricting freedom and liberty since the beginning. Time for a new era. A new reality. How glorious it will be when the Supreme Court of the Unites States of America once again issues its righteous condemnation of the discriminatory practices of the past that have held us back for so long. You were around for prior condemnations, perhaps. Brown v. Board anyone? Loving v. Virginia anyone? Yes, the inevitability of progress marches on and I will play my role in the future of our nation in advancing toward that inexorable end.

          • Luckily it will be but men and women opposite me on the other side of the “v.”, not God, so I need not worry about that. What could be more admirable than to fight for love? I know that my cause is not only righteous and just… but that it will prevail. Weren’t you in awe at the speed and uniformity at which the federal appeals courts struck down marriage ban after marriage ban after marriage ban for the irrational prejudices that they embody? I certainly was. But I know those decisions were in the works for a long time coming… and the one we’ll receive this summer will finally put an end to that struggle in the United States for good.

            Mark my words.

          • You are truly a sick individual. And you’re JUST smart enough to be dangerous.
            After reading all of your laughable comments and twisted views I was thinking how embarassed I am to be on the same website as you. But if I’m being really honest im ashamed that I share the same planet with you.

            • Please be a bit nicer :sad:
              Everyone has a different opinion. If you have a different as a other, simply say that without insulting . Because so there will be no discussion. Unfortunately I have not read all the comments from MinterGreen. So I can form no opinion.
              But I read your last comment that you believe there is no relationship between man and boy. And I can say. It exists smile From my own experiences (Even from my own childhood). I like to write about it, but rather by mail. I also like to discuss about it and I can also understand your point of view. But discussions must always be factual. Otherwise, it will only hurt the feelings of others. Or do you like it to hurt people? :sad:

      • Yeah, I feel the same. That is why I avoid youtube comments and things like that – they are really infested with hate speech and bullying, its really disgusting. Sure, there are barbs that go back and forth on here, as you see above, but that’s pretty tame in my view, and I can handle it, thankfully. Some of the harsher stuff I can’t.

        Well I’m glad you think you share my way of thinking. I’ll do my best in my career to make life better for us.

        But really, I enjoy it when others comment. About the boys, or about something the boys made them think of. Now that we have the forum though there might be more discussion there but I’d love it if you participated more – the more the merrier! But its your choice smile

  7. I’m quite sure we share the same opinion about boys, and just about everything else. I made this assumption based on your comments that I’ve read. There’s a forum? That I didn’t know about… In the future when something catches my attention, although everything on this site does; I will most definitely write a comment…

    • Yeah! Make sure you’re signed in, and go to the home page and there’s a post to a link to it, OR you can use the “Forum Recent Replies” box that now appears above recent comments on the right to access it – but you can’t see it unless you’re signed in.

      Well good, I’m glad we agree on boys and just about everything else smile Boys…. oh my god they are the most beautiful creature to ever have walked the Earth…

      • Russia isn’t hospitable for any living thing, trust me, I should know… Maybe people in Moscow and St. Petersburg are more open minded, maybe… but even that’s questionable (again I do not intend to offend anyone, that’s just my opinion). Some people there are nice, but they are very rare…

        • Oh man, I was really hoping that you did not live there. I guess you haven’t said that you do but to me, I feel a lot of resentment and hostility towards Russia… not because I’m an American and I have leftover Cold War angst – but because of how gays are treated and how insensitive I feel people are towards raising boys. It is a shame such beautiful young boys must grow up there. Most of us Americans view the law that is meant to “protect” minors from gay “propaganda” as down-right offensive.

  8. Legal or not is only a facet. Boys will eventually grow up. The only way not to harm them is to just stop the dirty thoughts at the fantasy level and not go further. Even “true love” might be involved, if what obsesses somebody is just the beauty of boys, this somebody will eventually abandon the boy. That’s a real tragedy. no

  9. He’s a looker! and for all those with varying opinions on this post just remember, opinions are like a-holes.everyone’s got one and they all stink

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