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          • I don’t know the street address of your home, but you’ve given me enough information to find you in person. I learned by information you’ve given not just me but everyone here. I don’t think most people here are as observant though, but that was all it took. I’ll tell you in private how I found out if you want or I can say here…. or not all. Its up to you, because above all, for me, I do not want to anger you or fight with you… So please don’t be angry at me… but I hope you let me tell you so that, if you want, you can hide the information so others can’t find out too.

          • Oh, and “Batman,” you’d know the answer to that question if you paid more attention to my comments. The point is I know where that boy lives. Do yourself a favor and think before you speak.

          • You might know where the boy on the pictures lives, but you don’t know anything about the person posting here as “Drew”. As a general rule: Boys trying to make an impression on boy lovers online are usually fakes. I’ve seen exactly one exception to that rule over the years. “Drew” has been around at different places for a while. There’s absolutely no way he is real. But if you guys want to keep adoring the fake boy, please go ahead. It’s kinda entertaining to watch.

          • Batman,

            I like how you just completely ignored what I said and continued on with your teaching moment as if it had not already been stated, but I suppose I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you’re just trying to warn the BLs of lesser perceptivity that may frequent this site.

          • MinterGreen89,

            what exactly had been stated already? You just said you knew where Drew lives. That begs the question of whether you’re referring to the boy on the pictures (and it’s not difficult to find out where he lives) or to the real “Drew”.

            If you think that “Drew” is a fake (that is, not a 13/14yo boy), then please say it loud and clear.

          • Batman,

            If you don’t know what’s already been stated then you haven’t spent much time on this site and that means you really don’t have much business making such comments. That and you’re too lazy to look, and I really don’t have much sympathy for that basis of ignorance.

            I never said it was difficult to find out where the boy in the picture lives – in fact I suggested the opposite – but if it is so easy, why don’t you go find out and tell everyone? It is he who I know how to find, and whether Drew is who he says he is or not, he is still a participant on this site who I have no interest in upsetting. *That* is what I will say loud and clear.

          • MinterGreen89,

            I didn’t read all of your statements on this site, but from what I’ve seen, I’d say you’re going to be a great lawyer.

            I’ve been watching “Drew” for a while now. He’s pretty much everywhere where BL hang out. As I said, I do find his act entertaining to a certain extent. But generally, I’m rather annoyed by people pretending to be boys. In the end it’s nothing but anti-social behavior. People who do that don’t deserve any respect.

          • Batman,

            Well that was an unexpected response, I must say, but one I appreciate.

            Yes, I’m aware about his other online presences as well as certain discrepancies and indicators that lend support to your position. I guess my assessment of the behavior of pretending to be a boy when you’re not depends on the motivation underlying it. If it some guy who just wants some attention and affection, though he is not a boy, it would not bother me too much and I would still enjoy playing along. If it is law enforcement attempting to trap BLs into committing ‘criminal’ acts (criminal only in a legal sense, but not necessarily in a moral one), then I have less patience for it. But even where I conclude that the latter situation is most likely the case, you will find that I will behave just as I do towards Drew – because it is never a good idea to provoke law enforcement unnecessarily. I would recommend the same to all other BLs as well.

            Regardless, the most important thing we all need to be is more perceptive and cautious. This world is a hostile one that we live in and the real predators out there wear not the trench coat, but black and blue.

          • Drew – I will email when I get home from school, k?

            Gary – what gave you that location? It conflicts with my conclusion but there is definitely a way both of our conclusions could be correct. Can you email please with how you arrived at that conclusion – my user name @gmail.com

  1. I’m struggling trying to decide between 5 and 6. I like the package on 5, but the way those trunks hug the butt of 6 is enticing.

    I wish Drew would share a swimsuit picture with us.

    • deniz aksoy

      That’s a very interesting comment you left. I hope you are okay. I feel kind of sad because your sentence is intelligible enough to make out its meaning but it suggests you not only can’t move, but that you might have difficulty communicating – at least in English with people online that is.

  2. My god, those are nice, specially the first two and the last two. If they were on ‘my’ beach i would frequent it more often. Although the local beach ain’t that bad.

  3. Mister 89 figured out where drew lives…. He being a law student… It would have been soooo… very easy for him… smile we didn’t hear back from Drew about mister’s deduction skills…

    • Well Drek, all I can say is, I promised him I would not share that information or how I found it, and I will keep that promise. He didn’t dispute that I was right, if that’s what you wanted to know.

      Btw you should totally join our community – sign up for an account, add a profile pic, and join the fun! ‘Drek’ is an interesting name – I’ve heard “Derek” and “Dirk” but I’ve not heard “Drek.” How did you choose it (or were you given it -_-)?

  4. i loved the fourth boy’s swimming suit! i think it can be considered a thong, because of how small and thin it is, yumm. It would be even better if he had boy 6’s bums, his butt is so perfect! and those little shorts help the image look even better. Neverthless, all of these gorgeous boys have beautiful faces and hot and amazing fit bodies.

  5. Bei all diesen Bildern kann ich nicht für einen Favoriten entscheiden, es sind ALLE HEIß. Deshalb ist der Sommer am geilsten, wenn man solche scharfen Jungs zu Gesicht bekommen möchte … aber Herbst, Winter und Frühlings gibt es ja noch Schwimmbäder drinks

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