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  1. He looks very confident being shirtless and showing off his perfect body. I bet there is a group of girls behind the fence enjoying looking at his strong looking chest and muscles.

  2. I knew I shouldn’t have given up on tennis. If I still played who knows, he and I might have crossed paths. However, if he gets tired of tennis, and wants to try baseball, I ‘ve got a bat and two balls he can play with.

  3. As others have said, I like this boy’s shirtless physique and his obvious comfort with showing his body. It seems every where I’ve lived there’s been one boy in the neighborhood who was first to take off his shirt in the Spring and last to put it back on in the Fall. Some knew they were hotter than everyone else and were dicks about it. Others were like this boy and just being themselves. I enjoyed looking at both types but liked being with the second a lot more.

  4. I’ve already commented on the pic, but I just saw something.

    Has anyone noticed that in the “Tags” section on the right, that “eating boys” and “faces” are right next to each other. It makes it look like “eating boys faces” is an actual tag.

    Those must be zombie pics! smile

  5. This boy is so hot. He’s showing off his athletic body to the world. Would love to see him at the end of the match when he’d worked up a sweat and we could then go for some private tuition ;-)

  6. Wow his is HOT. Beautiful face, nice tight, athletic body, love that he is not afraid to show off his sexy body, and his determination on the game makes him all so appealing.

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