47 thoughts on “Boys from the black sea

  1. Very nice set of pics,wish i was there instead of up to my wazoo in snow in a blowing whiteout,yes nice to look at and dream a little. @a boy have some sunny fun..Chief

  2. Boys’ legs r so incredible. They r my favourite feature about boys. So skinny and smooth, could rub them for hours. The lad above certainly has gorgeous legs for sure smile

    • Mine to Tom, i could photograph and rub those gorgeous legs all day long, boys legs are just the best, long and slim, and smooth. If you want to talk about the beauty of boys legs, drop me an email.

      • I’m not sure what it is about boys legs……They re just fantastic to look at, smooth slim and curves in the right places………….I love it! I’m happy to talk about this with anybody…..

    • Haha I might not’ve done that with a crab but I would more readily do that with a reptile or amphibian – they were my favorites as a kid and I still like them. I used to catch lizards and things and keep them as pets. I always took good care of them too. I have a pet snake that I really love, but the crazy thing was, at the store (Petsmart) he was known as a biter and very aggressive – but on the day I met him and held him for the 1st time, the workers were stunned when he didn’t bite me ;) It was love at first sight haha He’s never bitten me out of aggression (although he has mistaken my finger for a mouse before when I failed to wash my hands!). Its not pleasant to have a snake latch onto your finger – he eventually let go after realizing.

      • If I had a pet snake and it bit me I would probably be traumatised for a long time. But I was very weary of lizards, insects, dogs, cats and pretty much everything else… I do like being around people, even as a child I was a philanthropist. I like the company of people but not so much that of animals. I did however, like plants very much…

  3. HOW COME MEN love PRETEEN BOYS? not MANY BUT A FEW MEN ?…. In the future scientists will FIND THE …”P-GENE…all boylovers have this gene….The love between men and boys will now, finally…be understood…ted…

  4. HOW COME….Ted loves these pics ?….Easy to answer…Ted has ” the P-gene ” (A.O.A. Boys 8-12 y.o…..kind regards….ted….dog Sokrates…..Gregor Mendel was a great scientist…”Bartender! a Gin & Boy tonic, please! “…..”Member Sir? Yes I am”….ted.

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