30 thoughts on “underwear the better swimwear :)

  1. Some boys just can’t stay out of fountains ;)
    The last cutie likes to be seen in his underwear it appears, and we don’t mind to see him in (or without) them either smile

  2. “BOYS in UNDIES..”…PHOTO-ART for museums….Well…would You visit such an ART-EVENT ? Preteen Boys in undier. Would you visit??….Welcome!…ted…the farmer-boy.

  3. The boy in the last three photos is SO DAMN HOT & SEXY!!!! He is a ream-come-true and the ultimate fantasy for me. How I wish he was my lover. I’d be the happiest man in the world.

  4. The post’s title is right. I believe no boy shold ever wear swimming trunks, instead, all boys should swim in theyr shortest undies. My favorite pics are 2 and 3. Number 3 boy has an amazing butt, and boy 2 has an amazing body, two mountains for bums and he looks HOT in those black, wet boxers.

  5. You have to be careful about such things – some underwear will reveal more than you (the boy) would want to, but from our point-of-view as those who appreciate the beauty of boys – there’s not a downside to getting underwear wet that I can see.

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