60 thoughts on “my 11 year old pet brother

            • I was just drooling all over the keyboard again damn it… Was he sent to torture me so my passion for him would slowly consume me… I like this boy… SO MUCH!!! *.*

            • Wow alexavanhelsing you really do like this boy don’t you? You’re lingering around this post for quite some time haha He is beautiful, no doubt. Maybe try google image searching with this image and see if you can pull up any of his social media accounts?

            • I would try google image, but then I might not be present among those of you who are still alive do to what I may find…
              I’m afraid to even think about what I might…

            • Haha you’re so cute alexavanhelsing… well who knows what you might encounter? Maybe a few more pics of this lovely, beautiful angel that you see above? Surely you could stay alive so that you may appreciate his beauty… I wonder what would he think if he knew someone thought so highly of him? That someone drooled in awe at his beautiful face and would like to serve him… I bet he’d be very surprised, since most people probably treat him like no big deal… Maybe he’d like it smile

            • Lol you are too funny smile Maybe he would say “Are you sure this guy was talking about me? No one could say that *I* am that hot… I’m just an ordinary kid!” But you know he is so much more… ;) Maybe he would like to experience a little control for himself since his brother is so mean?

            • @simcah I know how you feel, I to fell for this boy like for no other … it’s good that I didn’t meet him in person, he could have gotten me in a lot of trouble…

        • Why not judge ? You just did, by the way, by not judging … that is itself a judgement, by definition. UH – OH ! You are not a judge — but you have no choice but to define and make a decision … make a judgment … right, wrong, something else, or otherwise, if not say something new. SORRY … I profess and fail but dictate anyway. This guy needs a me to live with. obviously. Ha Ha Thanks for the opportunity to have fun. heart

    • I sure hope so, @nalle2 your bro is sooo hot!! ^^ He has such a great hair, the favorite of my, I like to play with it, when the boys allow me to that is…
      P.S. Drew, I love your new profile picture :P ;)

      • He is soooo hot, I have typed my previous sentence so badly… now that I came to my senses I am still blown away… If he is your brother you must have much more pics of him… ;)

        • He would like it of course! Your brother has emotional needs and wants on the inside that maybe you cannot see – make him feel important! Make him feel loved! Give him the control to show him how beautiful and important he is… You would be a *great* person for doing so – to build the confidence of your younger brother… what a beautiful act.

            • You should let him know that you’ve changed. That you realized how important he is – that he will only be young for so long – and that you belong to him now. That you are his to control. And then let him know how much you love and adore him. Demonstrate your sincerity by asking him to order you around – and by doing what he says. This is an ultimate expression of love to live for his happiness and convenience – to serve and worship him. Let him know his needs and wants will come before your own…

  1. I like the picture. He is not anyone’s brother here on. He needs as much control as anyone else here. He needs spanking and being put into a cage no more nor less than anyone else here. He will like anyone here no more nor less than he would like me … and he needs to like me. Ha Ha WHAMMO !! dash smile

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