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    • I definitely agree with your sentiment… although I suspect nalle2 meant it in more of an observatory way – I sense a bit of language barrier that may leave the meaning of “leash” lost on him… perhaps. I’m inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt.. he referred to his own brother as a ‘pet’ so… that may cut both ways though – either he’s really terrible or it may be an even stronger showing that the connotation it has in English is lost on him…

        • Well, the way you write is indicative of a non-native English speaker. I’m not trying to attack you or be critical of you – so I hope you don’t take it that way – I’m just pointing something out which may account for the differing interpretations of what you said.

    • Really??? You said before that you did *not* know who he is. Now you claim to know who he is just so you can get other people to believe that this is a child harness when it is clearly NOT. The kind of children’s harnesses that you apparently fantasize about do not have the peripheral straps with metal rings nor do they have straps that run between the legs – those features are found on SAFETY harnesses. What the hell is your deal!?

        • I thought so. You really have lost all credibility in my eyes. I am extremely doubtful that the the boy you claim to be your brother in fact is your brother. I think he’s not, and you certainly don’t have him “trained like a dog.”

          • Problem is: I know kids harnesses. (the leashes) They are way thiner.

            With the extra amount of play in the belts this suggests it is for an adult. Since those straps are rated for at least 1000lbs each it is clear this is a safety harness for hights, same as the legstrap. It isn’t for recreational climbing since those are others. MinterGreen’s idea seems most logical. It is probably for working on hights. Only one problem with MinterGreens logic: “This boy is AMERICAN. We don’t do that to our boys here.” Sorry, but the USA is no better than any other country, probably worse than a lot of others.

    • Well – it looks like you were right. I’ll admit it. That photo with him in the mirrors is pretty convincing evidence on how that mom is using it. It still seems inappropriately bulky and restraining but perhaps the mom already had that and didn’t want to buy one made for that purpose. I apologize for suggesting you are a liar and I hope you will forgive me. I am convinced as to this imagine that you were right.

        • Ordinarily yes. But if his mom does it for his safety (not merely convenience) then I suppose it is understandable.

          Btw, Jo, I hope you did not think that I buy into American exceptionalism – because I do not. But I am still proud of my country for a lot of the things it stands for (but not all) and am happy to live here.

            • It is not common in western culture as far as I know. It may be used by a few people who think their usually much younger kids are too prone to wandering off and getting lost. Most people do not use them – probably because it is seen as somewhat degrading and not socially acceptable. It is more understandable to be used with a child with diminished mental capacity. Otherwise – verbal communication should suffice.

  1. I figure that the description of boy on a leash is no mistake but a fix by the original speaker. The word ‘leash’ is not available except as a control device. It is NOT a word for workers any way any where I have been able to figure ( lead and angle and pull and more words …. not leash ). ‘ LEASH ‘ is exclusive for animals and humans for control of the animal / human. Except as a word for a control of the thing ‘ on the leash ‘, the word ‘ LEASH ‘ has no relationship. NO! Not to any tunnel work, rock climbing, cave struggling, mine making, as examples. If you like a some one on a leash you have control. that is one thing. Lie and ‘ desiccate ‘ word-wise, well, then, that is what you do. ME BE NO FOOL. CHILD LEASH is legal USA depending on the situation. Otherwise, it is an old ( 1920, the oldest I see the name for boys ) boy control device. It is also an ancient girl control device but I fail to see the word except as I write it. PLEASE DO NOT FUCK WITH ME. UH-OH … dash

  2. There was an episode on Modern Family while they were visiting Disney Land and the character who plays Lily was put on a leash because she had a habit of wandering off.
    If the intent is for safety of the child then I guess it is excusable.
    For any other reason….INEXCUSABLE

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