47 thoughts on “Boys and Cats, the Two most Beautiful Creatures on Earth

  1. I’m partial to #2 (Mmmm…shoulder blades), #3 (Mmmm…braces, and #5 (Mmmm…blond hair/blue eyes).

    Seriously, though, the cats need to go. I’m getting hives just looking at them. Ah – choo!

  2. I agree wholeheartedly … boys and cats are indeed the 2 most beautiful creatures on Earth. I’ve always thought so … primarily because of the visual beauty; but also … like in the pictures above … a soft, cuddly cat brings out the softer, tender side of a boy … which I adore above all else.

    • Hey DBear, get a Springer Spaniel, they love people and show it. I miss my dog so much, found her dead lying in the trees. I loved that dog so. Nyway each to their own, thx for the well written comment. Indeed beautiful pics : )

  3. Now My cat thinkz he should thow me outside & keep the boyz instead ¡! cat Catz are friendz for their rather short livez of maybe 15 or more yearz while boyz kum & go plus grow up so fast. I cant put my cat outside my apartment building hallway cuz i wood never see his spoiled lil fluffy butte again so im allergic to cat haterz. laugh He luvz patroling the hallway tho & going out on the fire escape 3 floorz up overlooking a small yard where stray catz actually live outside. Good thing it never freezez here but it getz wet sumtimez. Poor kittys but my neighbor feedz them regularly altho usually cheap nitrate filled hotdogz & tasty tunabombz which they like = my finicky cat just wantz sliced turkey & tostitoz nacho cheeze sauce with sum beef jerky when he doesnt demand his high end cat food

  4. This pics are all so lovely!
    I like cats too.
    And besides: I love it when boys are nice with cats-its a good sign and shows a boy has a warm heart and much love.

    If I can change myself into a cat I never would hiss at a cute boy nor scratch him
    cat cat heart heart hug

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