44 thoughts on “Boys and Cats, the Two most Beautiful Creatures on Earth

  1. I’m partial to #2 (Mmmm…shoulder blades), #3 (Mmmm…braces, and #5 (Mmmm…blond hair/blue eyes).

    Seriously, though, the cats need to go. I’m getting hives just looking at them. Ah – choo!

  2. I agree wholeheartedly … boys and cats are indeed the 2 most beautiful creatures on Earth. I’ve always thought so … primarily because of the visual beauty; but also … like in the pictures above … a soft, cuddly cat brings out the softer, tender side of a boy … which I adore above all else.

    • Hey DBear, get a Springer Spaniel, they love people and show it. I miss my dog so much, found her dead lying in the trees. I loved that dog so. Nyway each to their own, thx for the well written comment. Indeed beautiful pics : )

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