15 thoughts on “young and cute

      • Older men are simply older men and all that MIGHT mean. I remember many older men and meet many in all my life and they are not total cool nor anything but, well, who they are … and they are what and who they end up as. Some are good and some are cool. A few. Save yourself from those who will accost you by and accusing you by naming you as some age-ist, looks-ist, race-ist, size-ist, ass-ist, and all the other things I was accused of in my past to get me into bed. I was fooled into going along with it all. I got fucked to near death. Purely by accident, I escaped all of that. Rather my sex or no sex than be someone else’s sex figuration or their sex slave so I FINALLY figure. Black / White especially but other types also do the same to make you feel you are being ( for especial examples ) race-ist & / or age-ist / looks-ist and you are to feel you demean them by denying them the body ( yours now and, at the times, mine ) they want, you are made to feel bad by refusing them. I finally figure they are being the very thing they accuse me of. SLOW me. But I see with my own eyes others befouled, drugwise and otherwise, but similarly.

        Thanks for the opportunity to say this all. Me might cry. But me be me and you be you. I understand and do insist. Selfish you is yourself. Selfish me is myself. Confuse them not, I say, and so me do insist !!! smile

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