9 thoughts on “boy in cage. WHY!

  1. Why? Because there was a chocolate bar inside and an annoying friend with a padlock. Check youtube – lots of boys dare each other to get in cages ^.^ I have no problem with a boy in a cage, so long as they enjoy themselves :P lol

  2. Not good! this boy doesn’t look happy about being in there! if I were there I’d let him out and hug him! hug No person, especially an innocent child should ever be locked in a cage against their will.

  3. OMG PEOPLE ! Get a grip!!! yes This is art! an expression, As it was supposed to do : It sparked discussion and controversy! Its not REAL! This isn’t a real boy trapped in a cage laugh Granted there are real boys in real cages through out the world I’m sure and that’s DISGUSTING and VILE ! diablo If I really thought it was real, Id be the first to condemn it . No child abuse is right!…….

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