8 thoughts on “For Tmerona: Boys in Socks Pt. 1

  1. Rheiner, you are the best!!! I love them all! Especially the kid in the camo! How I’d love to give them all a foot massage!! I think the soccer kids in the 1st photo would love it! After all soccer is very hard on the feet!

    • Aww thanks! I got maybe even enough for 3 parts! I’m so glad you like them! But oh yes of course I’d love to do the same – and then those socks would come off and my tongue would go to town as they sat back and relaxed! smile Damn – those soccer boys – I really wanna smell their socks -_-; I crave it…

  2. Look here! TED writes that I have SEXY legs and thighs…” I KNOW what he wants!….Me too……..”I He writes what he wants in his…COLLECTION…..”GIVE ME HIS DIAGY”….

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