11 thoughts on “Tmerona: Boys in Socks Pt. 2

  1. Rheiner you have out done yourself! These are beyond fantastic! I love all the great leg shots with those hot feet, especially the ones where the boys have them propped up just begging to be touched. The one of the two boys is so hot. I would live nothing more than to strip those socks off and give emailed a good tongue cleaning!
    In the last picture I now know what my dream job would be… To be an operator of that bungee ride and get to harness up boys and see them in their socks all day!

    Thanks! This series made my day!

    • haha Oh good I’m glad you liked it Tommy!! That is your name right? I got confused because of the whole “anonymous” thing…. Well I got one more part for you so I hope you’ll enjoy that one as well. Then I’ll see about finding braces or something for the other good folks.

      I definitely agree so much with your desires about stripping them off and giving their bare feet a good tongue cleaning! I’d so enjoy licking the sock fuzz from between their toes smile Haha that probably sounds gross to a lot of people but not me!! Haha yeah – I have to confess – when I worked at an amusement place, we had a ride that I would operate and I would often encourage boys to take off their shoes, even though it totally was not necessary lol I remember being mesmerized by this one boy who was sexy as hell and he decided to take off his slide sandals – oh man I rubbed my fingers into the toe part and felt the warmth of where his feet had been and oh man I had to hide the hard-on when the ride was over lol

      • Yeah, it’s Tommy. One more part!?! That is great! I feel so spoiled! Thank you so much! I love that you and me get the beauty of boy feet. I would love to lick sock fuzz of any boys toes and my idea of a good time is giving a boy a nice foot rub. Socks draw me in but feet are the real treat! You lucky dude getting to work that ride. What a fun time you had! I had a run for 5 years (17-22) as a summer camp counselor when I was younger. I loved being on the bottom bunk looking up at those dangeling feet, instigating the occasional tickle fights.

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