For Tmerona: Boys in Socks Pt. 3 (Final)

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I know one of these was already posted on the blog but its pretty much all I have for socks. So, hope you like it!!!

10 thoughts on “For Tmerona: Boys in Socks Pt. 3 (Final)

  1. @mintergreen89
    Thank you!!! I am so privileged to have been gifted 3 sets of beautiful socked boy feet pictures! I would die to have been the boy on the floor in the 1st picture. No need to hold me down, although I would not mind. I love them all! #5 is asking for a good rub and I just want to snuggle up against the last cutie for a nap! Once again my day is made!

    • Oh good, glad you liked ^-^ I definitely share your sentiments completely! I think my favorite though would either be 6 or 7 – I love the confident attitude of the blond boy propping his feet up – so sexy! Wish I had more to share!

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