What’s Your Favorite Color Underwear?

Saw a discussion where some people were discussing what color undies everyone likes. Thought I’d make a post about it then based on the replies compile a colorful underwear post!
colorful undies

27 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite Color Underwear?

  1. Bluuuuuue! laugh I dunno why I like blue undies but I do.. also that blue comment is based off my own mind :P for some reason the image in this post contains errors or something so I can’t see it.. I’ll clear cache latter etc to see if I can see it later smile

  2. Personally, I like a boy in any undies that have a contrast trim on it, like the model Spencer shown here! I have just got a new attraction to boys in striped boxer briefs! There were a few pictures on this site that made me a believer!

  3. Blue! I honestly don’t know why I find it so alluring laugh
    I also love boys in printed undies! Superheroes, Simpsons, Spongebob… Yes please! Makes them look so youthfull and innocent.

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