18 thoughts on “Some more feet

  1. Thank you Kasper!!! You are so kind ^-^ Actually guys, my favorite is… #4! I love how you get to see both the tops of his feet as well as peeks at his soles.. oh who I could love to lick up under his toes and in between them… oh man smile

      • I prefer feet, CJLucasT… I have a foot fetish, so seeing a boy’s bare feet for me is the equivalent for most BLs of seeing them naked. That is exactly how my brain interprets it and it is sooooo nice. smile I like legs too but they’re like a teaser… they lead to the promise land… which is down towards the ground!

        • That’s also why I love having am foot fetish! All the pleasure without any fear of illegal photos. Although you’re the guy to ask. Is it illegal for me to have pictures of boys feet in my collection @mintergreen89 ? I live in California, USA.

          • Haha I don’t even need to look up the law there…. the answer is “no.” That is, provided that the picture does not also happen to constitute CP or obscenity. So, if you have a picture of a barefoot boy who also happens to be naked and getting his dick sucked… then the answer would be “yes.” Pics of plain-clothed boys in casual, everyday settings are going to be legal, even if barefoot.

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