Danish boys

He loves Scandinavian boys so much, and as Denmark is often seen as one of the Scandinavian countries, i hope those boys will please Jo (and you all!)

(For those who like tho guess. Two boys on different pics are brothers.)

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3 thoughts on “Danish boys

  1. Very nice, specially those last 2 boys.

    Denmark is part of Scandinavia. It is clear with their culture. And next to looking good they are usually quite nice.

    @paperpaul: I am planning a visit there this summer.

  2. @Jo I learnt at school that the Scandinavian countries where Norway, Sweden en Finland. But i agree with you, in a lot of aspect Denmark is similar to the mentionned countries.

    With “those last 2 boys” you mean the last two pics, or two boys in the last picture?

  3. my cat even likes picture seven. it hates the word Scandinavia as it cares not. it likes or does not. it likes seven guy and actually tries to nibble the ear of that guy. [ GO AWAY ! ] FUN ! cool

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