26 thoughts on “some fun on the beach :)

  1. …..for the love of god this boy is absolutely gorgeous.

    The skin color is like perfect. Dat brown hair, those feet. The wet shiny skin.

    Honestly one of my faves I’ve seen on here. He’s like my dream boy.

  2. Hey Sascha, I’ve been wondering if you have any more photos of the boy that’s on all pages when fully scrolled up. Please tell me if you have! He is just so perfect!

    • Hi Pekky, sorry for the late reply, I have read your question only just :sad:
      It would be better if you write me directly via the contact form. In the comment section I can easily overlook sad But perhaps there is soon Notifications to members. Then it will not happen again smile
      The pictures are from SInal, he had the other pictures of this set, sorry.

      • Hey thanks for the reply. I’m not entirely sure that we’re talking about the same picture though. I meant the one boy you see regardless of what post your in. The one at the very top, not the one in this particular post. Or is that also who you are talking about? I get how it could easily be misunderstood, my mistake.

  3. thanks Sinal.your posts are great .do you have other photos A boy called lazio
    he is sexy and very good looking but only half size photo available in last post

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