13 thoughts on “my line-up

  1. #4 Gunter – he has the strongest and best looking chest ever ! . Has anyone the set of him flexing his muscles in a singlet ? (i saw one pic and his biceps are big)
    if you have , please share !
    Last pic the boy is very cute smile

    • HEY ! wasn’t done! can you pick a favourite you ask or demand or challenge … … SIX, TEN, TWELVE, THIRTEEEN, FIFTEEN are my choices from which two are as favorites of all the 15 shows … AND my fave is not as yours ( as cute as he is – yours as #1 do figure and find out hard to exclude ). SIX [ B0qJjJwCUAA6oBc ] and TEN [ FoundAtManish04-666×498 ] and FIFTEEN [ rOlWt4DV_Qw ] and it was hard to exclude twelve [ M64cGs5V0O8 ]. And hard to exclude Florian. FIFTEEN [ rOlWt4DV_Qw ] be my choice. wow. what a challenge. ONE hour + figuring this. WOW what a challenge. THANKS for that. You be ok guy with me, you ugly old ass quip … or otherwise … !!! dash smile smile

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