31 thoughts on “a blonde beauty :)

  1. I’m not really sure… how can anyone think any woman or a girl is more beautiful then a boy dressed in pink laugh I don’t intend to insult anyone, but really I mean he is soooo pretty <3 I guess some people just have bad taste, that's all :P

    • many a jail cell is paint pink for boy and male control. blue is not male but female anyway ( plus red, another story ) ( and blue for the royal is another story ). please note that no song says i am pink for you but i an blue for you … !!! make pink and you are not blue, so to say. ha ha Depends on the particular pink, by the way. The originator of the pink color i hear on radio and is a freak. I be in such cells with pink paint. irritating. green is worse. odd. the perpetrator of the pink color says shiny or flat makes no difference … i disagree. utterly flat and a mild pink maybe better. freak is a liar. OH !!! SORRY !!! NICE BUNCH OF PICS. THANK YOU. smile

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