Show Time! #game

Friday Fun – Game time! Here are some images taken from various movies and tv shows – some harder than others. You may know your boys, but do you know the show? Goodluck. Prizes include a thumbs up – but if you are the first to get a show/movie right, specify some kind of boy image that I should reward you with smile (provided I have a picture like that >_> lol I’ll try). Enjoy! )

















23 thoughts on “Show Time! #game

  1. 3 – Iron Man 3,
    4 – (looks like the sarah silverman show? but that’s a guess)
    5 – the santa clause.
    6 – Touch

    and I know 8, and it’s killing me, but I can’t come up with anything atm sad

    • That’s him! laugh Well done!

      (Fun fact: Thomas also did a commentary with several other actors and directors etc for the movie love actually. Very interesting since legally he wasn’t old enough to see the movie. The adults always kept trying to distract him during the adult scenes “Woah! Look at the room Tom”).

    • Oh very good! laugh X-Men Origins: Wolverine laugh young wolverine played by Troye Sivan laugh

      Yup, the list is nearly complete.. just the first one! Yikes, I figured that’d be an easy one – given how much I’ve talked about it laugh Maybe you all are distracted by the picture :P

            • DING DING DING!!!
              We have a winner! laugh

              Standing Up was a last unknown screen capture (#1) smile Well done Simcah! laugh

              #1 – Standing Up
              #2 – X-Men Origins: Wolverine
              #3 – Iron Man 3
              #4 – Doc Martin
              #5 – The Santa Clause
              #6 – Touch
              #7 – D.A.R.Y.L.
              #8 – Love Actually

              Well done to all laugh
              Orphan: 4 wins
              Simcah: 2 wins
              Drew: 1 win
              toby: 1 win

              Well done to all! laugh

          • I’ll wait until after your second round to post mine. I’ve still got a few movies to go through. Hopefully, your second round won’t interfere with mine. I’ll come up with a few extras just in case.

  2. What? No ideas on the first picture??? Hmmm… okay, time for some clues. It is a bit hard to see … and distracting :P

    Clue #1: Recent (0-5 years old).
    Clue #2: Movie.
    Clue #3: He’s the main character (aka: this is not the only scene with him in it).
    Clue already given: I’ve mentioned this film several times in the forums smile

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