7 thoughts on “too old for baby chair?

  1. Nalle2, can you please explain what your fascination is about leashes and cages and all that is? I’m not trying to judge you here but you never really say anything about it.. you just post pictures. Everyone knows I have a foot fetish and so they are not surprised when they see the sexy barefoot boys I post… everyone knows you have some fascination with leashes, collars, cages, etc.. Can you explain it please?

    • minter i just love that. i dominate my brother like that in past. i like when boys act like cute pets, leash, cage, collars. i just love it. i dont know why. i just want have a boy as my pet. more asking?

      • I see. While I can’t deny that they look cute… it pains me to see a boy constrained or controlled… I always feel that he should be the one to dominate. Unless a boy is happy being controlled (something I imagine quite unlikely), then I think he should be the one in control… boys love to have power… they love control… they love being bossy. Much of their lives are outside their control, so when they have someone submit to them and slave over them… they find it refreshing and satisfying.

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