Show Time 2! #Game

Hello, again! Well I already had the images there so I might as well submit them. Saschax can hold the post to a specific date if he wants to but otherwise, here we go! smile Two interesting pics this time. #7 is not a screen shot but a picture before all the visual effects etc. I think you’ll get that one easy. The last one (#9) may not get approved by saschax :P We’ll see.

Guess which movies or TV shows these pictures came from! Good luck!

















#9 – maybe… is saschax approves of this photo


29 thoughts on “Show Time 2! #Game

  1. oh i must approve the last pic smile i love innocent kissing boys smile Is the right a boy too? the left boy looks so awesome smile
    Unfortunately, I do not know again a movie sad But I hope the other does. smile

    • @Sascha that scene is from a cancelled show here in the USA called Back in the Game. I think you might be able to find it on hulu or similar. The scene was in the first or second episode, but I believe the first. The boy on the right Danny, played by Griffin Gluck, was being bullied by the one on the left David, played by Cooper Roth. In this scene, Instead of Danny fighting with David, he grabs David in the collar and pulls him in for a kiss to throw him of his game. It worked at least this one time. I’m ashamed to say how many times I played that scene in slow motion just to watch those two cuties kiss.

    • Yay! Yup, Mr Bean’s Holiday – with a very cute french boy laugh (although I believe he’s actually Russian born (from memory!))

      Well done CJLucasT (ohhh is you’re name after the cute dancer boy? laugh )

  2. Current solves:

    #1 – ??
    #2 – [something everyone has seen but no-one knows the name of]
    #3 – Mr Bean’s Holiday [CJLucasT]
    #4 – ??
    #5 – ??
    #6 – [something many have seen before – RoboCop is very close but not right]
    #7 – Hugo [Pre-CGI – Kasper]
    #8 – ??
    #9 – Back in the Game – [Parker – Apparently a very interesting image! laugh ]

  3. Gosh #6 is the only one I knew – Ed Furlong from Terminator 2: Judgment Day. I liked that movie! smile I’ll never win one if these it’s nice to at least know *one* of them. #9 is so sweet I wish I could see the scene too…

  4. Okay, time for some clues… here’s a recap:

    #1 – ??
    #2 – [something everyone has seen but no-one knows the name of]
    #3 – Mr Bean’s Holiday [CJLucasT]
    #4 – Smallville [boybuff]
    #5 – ??
    #6 – Terminator 2 [Saschax]
    #7 – Hugo [Pre-CGI – Kasper]
    #8 – ??
    #9 – Back in the Game – [Parker – Apparently a very interesting image! laugh ]

    #1: Big hint: Title of movie is the same as the location it is set in which you should find hints for in the picture.

    #2: Smaller hint: Very new film. The boy is Australian but the movie is American.

    #5: Hehehehe this is a tricky one. Will Ferrell is in it.

    #8: Recent (<8 years) Children's Sci-Fi movie. A stuff bunny plays a large part in it.

    Good luck everyone! laugh

  5. R.E.S.P.E.C.T. lol :P In the last game I offered to post pictures of a certain theme dictated by the people that guessed correct but no-one took me up on that lol. That can be your prize though laugh

  6. I don’t remember the boy’s name, but #4 is a scene from the series Smallville, this boy was in 2 episodes, he played a “Meteor Freak” that Clark Kent befriended. in the 2nd episode, the boy was dying of the Kryptonite infection.
    these 2 episodes were just 2 of many that guest starred some very cute boys!

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