‘Picture of the Week’ – Winners

In the last survey have won these beautiful photos.

The next survey will start today smile


First placed is this beautiful boy submitted by “MinterGreen89” smile

MinterGreen89 was so nice and has some more posted from him. HERE smile


Boy relaxing after a hard school day again smile submitted by unknown sad
bm 20140325f


and again Drew submitted by “Drew” :mrgreen: and because of a very close descision i will post the #4 too. Jimmy and friend in yellow submitted by “Volentius” smile


Many thanks to the winner and all the other participants. :cool:

Many more beautiful pictures of this survey you can find here.

All participants and results.

I think all would have deserved to win sad

___All previous winners___

10 thoughts on “‘Picture of the Week’ – Winners

  1. Yay! I’m so glad to see that so many people agree with me! When I was talkin to my good buddy simcah and I showed him this beautiful boy… simcah was like “meh” and I was like “whaaaaaaaaat!?” and then you guys apparently were all like “hot!” and I was like “yeah that’s what I thought!!” lol I forgot what I read his name is but he’s from Spain and he enjoys cars…

  2. WOW The first boy is so gorgeously hawt.He has nice smooth legs and body BABY.NICE SMILE TOO.The 2nd is just as cute as the first.My fav is boy#1.

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