55 thoughts on “some more of the ukrain cutie

  1. OMG!!!! He is soooooo cute. I want him on my lap where I can stroke his hair, kiss his lips, and tell him he is the cutest boy in the world. Can I adopt him as my son?

  2. UKRAIN…………..What do you say , Boy from Ukrain….SHALL WE VISIT YOUR HALLENBAD…TOGETHER?….HULLENLOS!!! SAY YES…..(Your name? )…hungry ted…”YES MAN…”

  3. I just cant leave this boy do you think we could have more pics of him with mabe just a small flannel covering his winky we will leave the rest to are imagination. Love him.

    • Oh, I had the “hots” for Jake Lloyd when he was about 11 or 12. I remember taking a life-size color stand-up advertisement of him from KFC after I asked the manager. I told him I wanted the sign for the basement, but I really wanted a life-size cut-out of sexy young Jake at 11 or 12 years old!

  4. “Only NUDE boys under the showers and in the sauna !…We MUST follow the rules here!….” OK ted !…” UNDRESS ME THEN …” OK BOY !…GOOD BOY !….Follow me now, Boy!….” Thanks , Boy !…ted the happy farmer!

  5. Adorable… Divine !!! heart Hair like sik in Pics #1 and 2. inlove Downloaded the rar, in folder named “bath”, Pic # 6… The sign behind him is in Czesch language (CZ). Just curious coz CZ and Ukraine r far apart !!! hug

  6. Hi Sascha and followers, the boy’s name is Maxim (confirmed) and he’s NOT from Ukraine, he’s Russian and from Moscow. Source: @Mike_Troy_Henk – (Twitter). Have a cool day!!!! good smile

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