21 thoughts on “Preparing for Ice-skating

  1. Not to take anything away from this boy (yes, nice bum!), but from now on I don’t think anyone could compare to the Ukrainian cutie. I have been blinded by his charm and beauty. smile

    • Where is the Problem? I love sinals pictures and sinal was so nice and has allow me to publish his photos here. I think the pictures are exklusive and you should enjoy it. And i think a notice to sinals blog is just fair. I will post weekly one sinal post, as long as I can find photo that I like and that can still be a eternity, because sinal has much more laugh When you not like, i will not force you to watch my sinal posts and you must not click on his link ;)

      • I LOVE Signals photos! They are the best of treats! Thank you for posting them! I extremely love the idea of a post a week. You have great taste and I love your picks! Thank you for sharing this find of a beautiful boy who likes to “Sagg his pants” here in the USA. I know these boys like to show off their underwear, or else they would not have their pants so low. <3

      • There is no problems dear sasha smile it just felt as being persuaded to buy from his site , thats all .. his pics are v good. Some times we only see a few which leaves us always wanting more smile

        keep up the good work

  2. Not only is the boy in these pictures of great cuteness,for me anyway,but i love to see a bit of sag on a boy,even in small amounts a bit of sag can go a loooong way,so yeah,so yeah,it’s all in the imagination and I f@@@@n love pics like this !!

  3. Sascha, can you explain this comment subscription feature? What is the difference between “All” and “Replies to My Comments”? Which comments are “followup comments” that count for these purposes? Thanks!!

  4. I figure boys like to play with their bodies. It is not sexual. If they show off their butts it is not a spanking / whapping invite. They are playing. Few do the other way. Funning is just that. smile

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