Showing muscles: Achmed

SW_boy wanted to see some more of #boy3 in my post (last week) with boys showing their muscles. His name is Achmed and here are some more pics of him.


Achmed_001 3Brothers_CD06 Achmed_040 3Brothers_CD06 Achmed_051 3Brothers_CD06 Achmed_071 3Brothers_CD06 Achmed_075 3Brothers_CD06  DSC_0125 DSC_0203

8 thoughts on “Showing muscles: Achmed

  1. wow he is gorgeous inlove
    my favorites are #1 because it is so teasing for me to see just a bit of the underwear smile #2 because he looks just to cute in it smile and #4 his legs are incredible. would love to see more of achmed.

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