For My Friend Max <3

Isn’t this cute? I love how the blond angel’s hair always looks perfect despite that he is wrestling around. It just shows how a boy’s beauty is truly effortless… No make-up. No moisturizer. No nothing. Unlike adults who need that stuff, a boy is perfect already.

I hope you like this Max <3

45 thoughts on “For My Friend Max <3

  1. wonderful video, many thanks smile the cute blond angel is so lovely, and yeah he is beautiful by nature <3 but also the older boy with the red shorts has so incredible nice legs smile
    I will definitely buy a boy pet from him. I hope he is shipping to germany laugh

  2. OMFG! The blond boy is an angel! I’m so in love!

    And is it just me, or does seem to enjoy being on his friend’s lap a little too much. ;)

    Thanks for posting, Minter Green!

  3. Wow! super cute. I’ll take the blond pet laugh hehehhe
    Also, pretty sure the blond boy (and by extension the location and everyone else) is Australian :P

    I agree. Boy’s hair and skin are just perfection that adults can’t obtain. I love it! laugh

  4. Wow wonderful bid, made my day laugh. The boy in the red cap is just wonderful, I adore his boyish behavior. And I agree a boys beauty and perfection is effortless, which is why I love them so much smile <3

  5. Oh wow I likes the 2 young one the blonde very beautiful wish wear speedo or toon undie but still he very beautiful thank much for video

  6. I would love to have them all bounce on my lap they are all AWESOME what I would do to have them all with me. I would also love to lick and smell those feet as well as their bodies every inch of them inlove inlove monkey monkey hug hug heart heart

  7. Why I never saw this video? No idea! ITS AWESOME! and of course I love love love that blonde boy! dash He is so outrageously sexy and cute, heart hug inlove I love the way he climbs on and mounts the other boys lap so gently and willing! He looks like he likes it too! The boy that is playing “Santa” and is being sat on by all those hot young boys is SO lucky,and yes I do believe he has to have a chubbie! That little blonde boy will be in my dreams tonight for sure! Wish he was in more then that! Love this kid! Love this video,wish there were more of him!

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